Why don't my prop_static's appear after compile?

Whenever I compile my map, several of my small props don’t show up in the map. (example: gas can, box, paintings, glock pistol) Any idea what causes this? And most of the props are from counter strike, which is the engine version I’m using. Thanks once again! :stuck_out_tongue:

If they are in a invalid position they wont show up, for me anyway.

I know it’s not a legitimate fix, but when that happens to me I usually just switch them to dynamic overides.

what do you mean by an “invalid position”?

It could be that the props are suppose to be prop_dynamic or prop_physics. If not then post compile log.

The stuff you try to place looks more like prop_physics, if you place a prop_physics object as prop_static it won’t appear.


okay, I’ll see if they should actually be a different type of prop first, see if that fixes it

gas can and box have to be prop_physics.

If you go to the info tab in the model browser, you will see a check box next to each prop type. If one is static, and another is either physics or dynamic, it means it can only be whatever the other one is other than static (hammer bug). If it is checked as just static, then it has to be static.

okay, I got them to work by switching them to Prop_physics’s. Thanks everyone! Is there any way to make the object freeze in place off the beginning?

Edit: nevermind, it’s in the flags.