Why don't people enjoy Rockford?

The thing about DarkRP is primarily mapping. And the reality goes as such:
If you are a newly starting out server, and you run ANYTHING aside from a rp_downtown variant, you will almost never get any attention.
rp_downtown is everyones favorite thing ever, but I cant stand that little map with the same layout a thousand times. So why don’t people like big maps, like rockford, retribution, or even EvoCity?

God forbid people have things they like/dislike.

People love evocity though and this extends outside of just DarkRP

because it looks like shit, comes with 500gb worth of content packs, has a draw distance of like 10 metres and you can never find anybody due to the size of the damn thing

downtown is probably the only map out there with zoning that fits darkRP well eg. everything is in a relatively small area that still has enough complexity to support being able to hide away from people if you want to.

basically making good maps and wrestling with the shitfest that is hammer editor is very difficult and time consuming, and most competent map makers seem to prefer to make stupidly massive maps with shitloads of custom content that are better suited for perp than darkrp


cus jews

rockford is a great map and far better than evocity/downtown.

draw distance can be tweaked if you’re not a noob with lua or map editing, among other things.

ironic you would say look like shit when it looks great and evocity/downtown maps are vomit inducing.

the only reason darkrp uses downtown so much is because no one ever made the gamemode to support vehicles properly; only in recent years have car dealers and other things been done but it’s still a horrible implementation.

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Thanks for the very informative necropost