WHY Dose My Rust not work On Mac?


I have had rust for a while now and all the sudden it just dose not work.
I am using mac OSX.
When i open the game sometimes just the menu pops up where you can change the graphics and resolution and then it freezes.
And Sometimes i just get black screened.
Dose anyone know How to fix this???
Please Someone Help Me.

Someone definitely dose know.

Dose Anyone Know how to fix it?

I am not sure - just wait and someone may answer. You probably will get better replies on Reddit Rust (google it). Seems like more Mac players are there.

If you use bootcamp (which I know is a pain) that is another option too.

Did you try to reinstall Rust on your Mac through steam? Right click on Rust in steam, then delete local content to uninstall.

Install Windows 7. Fixed.