Why EAC BAN?????

I was building a server eotgo you applied the oxide plug-in
Take the owner went eotda rights carried by the Fly((noclip),Shift + l) to view a map.
The van was suddenly back tteumyeo that EAC has not been up to deuleogalsu IP Ban on all servers.
This will automatically Van server developers do not know what happened to you to develop.

Is there a way to solve the EAC?

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

What’s your SteamID64?

I don’t entirely understand what you’ve written, but you don’t get banned for writing plugins, or for playing on servers with plugins installed, or for being an admin and using some of the admin tools. Also, EAC bans don’t kick in the moment you cheat.

All in all, pretty lame attempt to get unbanned. These threads used to be so entertaining, too.

ownerid 76561198123024244 “19+ TED” “”

76561198123024244 has been banned for the use of a paid cheat.