Why force only to GSP ?

I just dont understand why communitys have to pay GSP to have a server ?, i’m paying alrdy about 150€ for dedicated servers, and i just need more 25-35€ to pay server for community, and about 50 slots ? I know it’s alpha and maybe you’re trying to make “not crackable” but how will that help you if you dont give us abbilty in “Alpha” to host server and see how it goes(We would find faster bugs and report problems than GSPs)…

So many limitation with GSP like CPU and RAM usage it’s unbelievable.

What will you get for forcing only GSP at “Alpha” stage ?

Yes, but it’s better then to make only Official server, and not limit us on GSP only. That’s my opinion, but they cant just say until release of game that they had working hard on server files.
Maybe they dont give us server files because they think it’s gona die or something, but it wont.
From very beginning “Minecraft” had possibilty to host on your own…
Community will help faster than GSPs…

Where are you getting those prices ? With that money you can get a 200~400 slot server with ddos protection.

am i the only one that prefer things as they are right now ? we got already over 5k servers. We would have what ? 10k servers if they released to the public now ?

If the price bothers you, don’t host a server yet.

My debian server box is ready for Rust dedicated server, the minute server files are released i’m putting it up. At the moment it runs L4D2 custom maps and NoMoreRoomInHell, bored of those games already, want Rusty LAN action.