Why Garry needs to sort himself out.


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You should tsu him over this

shame on garry

  1. Garry isn’t working on GMod at the moment; _Kilburn, Robotboy, and a hand-full of other developers are.
  2. Non-english characters are being fixed tomorrow in a hotfix.

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Also, it’s not a smiley face, it’s a Japanese character.

I understand this, it’s merely just a joke.

Oh ok that makes sense. We thought you were just an idiot.

Which you are.

Here comes the 13 year old facepunch warrior to stand up for Garry.

First of all, you’re an idiot,
Secondly, Garry doesn’t work on Garry’s Mod anymore, as already stated before. Helps when you can read.
Thirdly, “Oh no, my smiley face was removed from my name! Noooooo” What’s the fucking big deal?
Fourthly, it was a bug, the developers didn’t mean for it to happen.
Lastly, you’re an idiot.

Tbh when Garry did work on Gmod he wasn’t bad. Everyone was like “FUCK GARRY FOR UPDATING AND MAINTAINING HIS GAME”. I would think people would be more thankful for continuous bug fixes, additional Lua functions, etc. People are just too lazy to update their shit.

You sir, are a faggot.

Well, you have to be atleast 14 to understand sarcasm, so people shouldn’t be so mad at you for being retarded.

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Firstly, kill yourself.
Secondly, stop trying to make yourself look good infront of the facepunch faggots.
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Lastly, nobody cares about your worthless opinion, you cunt.

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This is such a huge setback in the game! It’s extremely effecting my gameplay throughout Garrys mod and on many numerous occasions felt like commiting suicide over this terrible situation… It is very depressing how kids can no longer have these symbols to make them stand out in game. Why would the developers do something like this!!

Popcorn, anyone…? I’m currently enjoying this free entertainment.

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Jeez, no need to be so aggressive, just laying down some facts, it was already stated that Garry isn’t working on GMod anymore.

if you noticed, half of the assaults against you are from accounts created today. it’s very likely that AyJay just has alts and is using them to make it seem like people are supporting him.

edit: saw flagdog. sorry.

More of this please, it’s getting better and better! Free popcorn for everyone!!

Either that or it’s people from the same community… hm…

See? Some people understand Sarcasm.