Why garry? Why c: (Rant)

This is starting to piss me off. I can’t even play perp ever since garry updated to garry’s mod 13 and all the stupid updates.
All of his updates broke the game and i can’t play my favorite gamemode anymore since every 5 minutes, It crashes my game cause i get game breaking stuff. It’s not just the perp server itself either it’s the fact that there was so many damn updates (including the non needed update to gmod 13) that it broke the gamemode because i get gamemode errors and just missing stuff (Not content). I just want to know (without repeating myself again) Why garry updated SO many UNNECESSARY stupid updates and garry’s mod 13 in the first place because it was not needed, Garry’s mod 11 was perfectly fine with all gamemodes and layouts. The new look is kinda stupid with everything and the only good thing about it is the replacement for toybox (steam workshop or whatever). Its also a hassle for all these people to RE upload their addons to the addons section because they have to re code them (same with gamemodes)

My point is i think it was the dumbest idea to update to garry’s mod 13 and i think it should of NEVER been in mind. All the stuff in this could of been updated in 11 and NOT broke the game. So many errors exsist now because of these updates and i can’t play my favorite gamemode on any perp servers because all of them give me a breaking bug, And even some different stuff gives me the game breaking bug and then crashes my game 5 minutes later, Which is really annoying when i have to re join a server 9, 10, 11 times in a row untill i finnaly just say screw it.

Just wanted to let that out in a rant and a non flaming way.

You give really no valid reasons for not liking Garry’s Mod 13. You repeatedly called it stupid, when you just seem mad that some Perp server has clientside errors, because the server owner doesn’t know how to fix them.

And what are these unnecessary updates you speak of? The updates Garry releases help developers greatly, and help Garry’s Mod expand for the better.

Another thing you might want to consider, if you are crashing, it’s your shit computer and not the game. There’s many factors here, and instead of considering them you point the finger at GMod’s stability.

I’m sorry that your fucking retarded but it’s not my computer being “Shit” in any way, it DOES have to do with the updates (talk to the server i play on, RIOT gaming) And i even asked them WAY more then HALF of them said they get it too it’s not computer wise learn your facts bro. It’s the fail and un needed updates for garry’s mod so you don’t know what you’re talking about. The updates (more then half of them) broke the game HORRIBLY.

It broke a great gamemode and forever will be the dumbest decision ever made for garry’s mod =_=

And it’s all the coding not a client side error i’ll post the EXACT console error’s i get if you would like…

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Right, “non flaming”. And if you have actually looked at the gamemode, compared to others, it’s pretty bad, poorly optimized, and has many flaws/exploits.

I think the funniest thing I saw in the code for Perp was that gas was controlled by players sending console commands based on the velocity of the vehicle, or some shit.

Anyways, good luck with your problem.

oh well since you seem to call us uneducated fucks i guess there’s no point in helping you since we’re uneducated and fucks too :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: xD :3 :s :open_mouth: :o :wink:


i also like how your videos consist of you ‘trolling’ servers by using wallhack and shit

That would probably explain some of the errors, too.

He must enjoy them while he can, you never know when valve can stop supporting his favourite wall mod.