Why garry

It stares into my soul…
Why garry…

so you tried to modify the assembly.c-sharp.dll or tried to use one from legacy lol?

…or something got corrupted?

Or Garry signed the EAC.Dll’s so they were mismatched :slight_smile:


I have this problem to , pls how resolve it ?

Wait for next update on dev branch. Should be within the hour it has finished compiling on Jenkins

Yep I’m getting this too.

Okay thx

its been at least 2.5 hours since this started happening :frowning:

The fix just hit steam

Why are you even still around? Not everyone tries to cheat or sells cheats. The least you could do is tuck tail and GTFO after being caught. Or edit the rest of your posts to just say “a”


long story, check kittys post history to learn more, and make your own decision.

to save you from wasting your time you can read it. which is also a waste of time
long story short, i was selling a rust hack that allowed you to walk through walls/door/foundations and such, then released it to the public for mass use(600 people so far) so a bunch of people will be using it and will also be getting banned shortly once EAC finishes whatever their doing and detects it even though ive suggested a way for them to do that temporarily but if they wait and collect multiple steam accounts that are using it they would probably catch quite a few more people

Can they go through anything with it? Like stairs turned backwards?

correct, stairs/blocks/pilliars as well

Hmm…I’ve seen an influx of hackers on the official servers that just walk through stuff. Sucks. Thanks a lot.

go on a admin protected server, some of the modded servers have a detection plugin for this and someone realized that you can bypass it by just walking backwards lol. it will be over soon and alot of cheaters will be gone dont worry, in the meantime just play something else?

What is worse than a cheat, is a cheat that sells to other cheaters who are going to lose their money once they are banned. Change your tag to meisshitty

I’ve had this in Robocraft for around a month and a half. If it helps, I’ve found that uninstalling and reinstalling EAC sometimes helps (and then it stops working again).