Why get rid of zombies?

So from what I have read, it appears that zombies are just a place holder in rust. Are people that tired of zombies? I have been a fan of the zombie apocalyptic genre for a while and after watching “The walking dead” it really spiked my thirst again. I thought I had finelly found the game I had been looking for. A sandbox survival game that combines my love for crafting, creating and building with my lust for zombie killing and pvp. Only now it looks as if that is going to be taken away. Can someone shed some light on the subject and maybe share a little of what is to come of rust and why? Thank you.

Let me ask you this. What exactly is it that you like about zombies? Why would having zombies or mutated beast or anything else for that matter make the gameplay any different?

edit: Also what is your definition of zombie?

At the moment as sad it is, zombies really serve not much purpose in game after you have all blueprints. I am sad to see them go myself but they dont enrich your experience in many ways which is a bit of downfall on dev side but oh well we shall hope they will come back!

I dont care much if zombies stay or go. I personally think zombies specifically are way to overdone. If we are going to have some kind of hostile human mob I think it should be a maniac/barbarian not a zombie.
But I do think we should have more hostile mobs if zombies are removed.
One person posted suggesting a mutated creature that only roams around at night and it slowly walks around and makes this clicking noise. SUPER creepy. I love that, I want something to be afraid of in this game, something strong and creepy. The zombies are just kinda lame.

Agreed, if zombies stay or not it doesnt really matter. The point of a survival game is to have a harsh environment that you attempt to overcome. The more creatures, the stronger the creatures, and the scaryer the creatures is what makes a survival game interesting.

A game with no threat but other people is literally wasteland on Arma 2/3 and thats what Rust has become to me so far, it is literally run and gun because the environment isnt harsh enough on the players. You find a gun or you get the materials to make a gun and every non-player element of the game is no longer any threat. Bears, wolves, and zombies are nothing once you have a 9mm with 12 bullets and they only get weaker as you get better guns

agree 100 times agree

That is a good question and can only really be answered with me saying it is the atmosphere they create as well as the sanerio that makes it.

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The hopes of what would be to come would be a more intensive threat from zombies. One example could be that at night they rome around in stronger numbers and can be a threat to anyone in a building. The threat would be if you hear them and you have a lightsource on ect. it would draw attention and the zombies/mob could slowly brake down your door ect. if you dont take care of the problem/kill them.

Could this sanerio not be accomplished with something that isnt a zombie but has zombie like behaviors and hunting patterns? All zombies do is wander around till they see something that they consider food, then they attempt to attack.

I feel I am starting to agree with what you two are saying. As long as there is threat from mobs in a major way the type is’nt a huge deal and I can be on board with that. As stated if pvp is the only real threat it can take away from the game and caus problems. Giving the players some form of common ground to fight against such as mobs is much more welcome than a full blow pvp war.

Because there are so much zombie games out there already, and they want something generic instead.

wasnt this game based kinda off Day z and other games and last time i checked day z has zombies

you can base a game of day z and not have zombies still…
it has many similar elements. as long as they have some kind of mob to replace zombies, its still SIMILAR to day z. Only more original… which… is better

What you need to understand is: Rust isn’t a game yet. It’s an alpha being built, so there isn’t much that’s actually a “game” here. It’s unfinished and a number of assets are just placeholders, including the zombies. What you’re playing now is not the finished product, it’s a prototype of sorts while the devs work on actually making the game and adding all the features they want.

… This summer has been the worst thing to hit Facepunch since Gmod’s popularity exploded.

The point of removing zombies is to make the game’s enemies less generic.

I think they need to get rid of the zombies definetly. They are so generic and overused. Mutants of some sort or just an extension to hostile wildlife would be great.

Honestly, something that isn’t an undead human, you know?

Perhaps a radiation monster, because of the radiation on the area.

The rust map is an island after all. Perhaps it could be because of bad test experiments or something?

I think you should remove the zombies completely and add ‘dangerous’ areas that has rabid mad Unicorns. :eng101:

(No this is not a joke)

hovering robots that monitor the radiation zones that attack with a saw blade arm when provoked

I completely agree. The bears and wolves are great in this game. I dont need to play in an atmosphere that includes Zombies, but just prefer a game-play atmosphere that has danger and sensible hostile mobs.

A funny thought came to mind. . .imagine if there were virus-ridden monkeys that traversed the tree canopies. Anyway, not being serious on that, but agreeing with the sense of your post.

I would like to keep the “zombies”/mutated persons, why? Because why not have a mindless hostile mob trying to get us just because? Now something that preys at night clicking would be awesome too, but they would need to stay in certain areas, the most dangerous ones but with the best loot, because imagine a poor new spawn on his first day, he doesn’t know what to do, night comes, he gets killed, needs to do everything he just did until night comes and everything happens again, so fun :confused:

Bear in mind that you are talking like people who did everything that has to be done and only goal is to kill random people, you are not thinking on the new ones