Why go around when you can go over? - Taliban parkouring over US tanks


Haters gonna hate.

Pure Win.

100% OG muthafucka

Who forgot to man the M2 and put some dakka on them mother fuckers?

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Good picture.

Didn’t have any model that I could have used as a tank commander.


You screen goes perfectly with the one I just put up.

It’s so…original. :h:


And they say America is number 1 on military.

The enemy military is useless when you can PARKOUR.

The one on the left made me lose my shit. The music made it even better.

Pretty fucking awesome!

Do you ever say anything else?

Do you have a desktop sized one? Preferably 1920px by 1080px.

Nope. My monitor’s limited to 1600x1200 and I took this one’s original version in 1280x1024.

Yeah ever since Korea and Vietnam and Somalia we’ve been unstoppable

Do you have a link to those Taliban models?

Some insurgents I found on garrysmod.org.

Ah, here if anyone else is looking for them.