Why has no one said anything about Facepunch Texas (USA)

I have been at work for hours, and the entire time I have been checking steam and my friends have been saying that the server has been down. I figured it would be taken care of when I got home today at 11:00 PM Mountain Standard time, lo and behold it is still down :confused:

That being said I can understand if you are trying to fix a problem and what not, but why is there no mention of it on this forum? I do not understand after your server being down for hours, not a single person has mentioned anything. Why is there not a sticky section for servers that are down and a projected time period for when the servers come back up? I have used this forum on and off during the time I have played Rust, and I just do not understand why there is no place to tell the players when a server goes up and down, and somewhere we can ask questions or even understand what is going on.

I would really appreciate it if someone did something about this, and I am sure that other players would like that as well.

Thanks for your time!

[SBC] Hellfire

Agree, i miss my home.