Why Has Thou Forsaken Me??


Sad i know

Fix the hands and legs.

Yeah, it’s pretty sad that you used Simple DOF.

oh god
the aliasing
it hurts

Also, he’s pretty dumb. Why can’t he use the body of his ‘friend’ back there as a decoy and while they’re feeding on his body, he just runs away and lives happily on the frog on the log on the bottom of the sea.

The height on which those planks have been nailed on doesn’t really make any sense.

Weak barricade.

OP counted on the crouch height. Since he played zombie survival alot :v:

Hm… could have been ALOT better.

I doubt ALOT would make this any better.

Let’s see… I can see what you’re going for, but there are loads of things that could be better with the image. One of the things that is really essential and can make-or-break a picture is the angle of which the picture is taken. In this case, it’s a break.

There’s also the fact the posing, while not the worst I’ve seen, could have been improved drastically, had you payed more attention to your own piece, and had you had a more critical eye. Overall, it isn’t the worst of the worst out there, but it is still not a good picture.

Love the fact that it’s a black man in the picture with his wife and child

I can see the attempt and the effort put into it,
but the experience in using the post processing tools was obviously lacking.
Try again later maybe?