Why hasn't there been an actual working portal gun addon?

That can work exactly like on the game? Most I tried either dont work at all, or the portal effects dont ever show…

“If you want to play Portal, play Portal”.

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There has been many, but they have all been broken by updates and there’s no point in constantly fighting to make them work when they are hacky to begin with.

Just play portal if you want portals.

But there is so much potential for portal guns on garrysmod in comparison to portal itself.

What’s better than Portal? Portal styled wormholes in spacebuild…

True. But every method used to make a portal gun in gmod has been hacky and always full of bugs.

The only way to have a portal gun that works well is to actually hard code it into the engine.

Then a hacky shitty way it will be. It doesn’t have to be perfect, a simple teleport method with a left and right click is more then suitable imo.

Because surfaces in Portal are coded differently to Garry’s Mod.

PORTAL is coded differently to GMod…

I’m thinking about moving a welded together spacebuild ship through a portal… oh god the bugs

The engine is the same, but i imagine that garry’s mod wasn’t using the same calculation shit portal does.

there was a couple of them but each engine update broke them and the creators couldn’t be bothered to fix them which I wouldn’t be either since everyone whines about it so much

They are definitely possible. But rendering would only work with 2 portals since you have to create a RenderTarget(takes time, and uses extra memory)

You see… Portal is using a different SOURCE engine that gmod dosen’t has.

No, same engine in just about every way.

The only difference is that portals were hard coded into the game, not the engine.

I think you mean it was hard coded into Portals iteration of orangebox. If it was just a matter of script files then it would work fine.

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Did you register just to post this? W/e this is correct. Until creating rendertargets doesn’t reload the entirety of materials, it won’t be realistic to make multi-linkage ided portals.