Why i banned?

I was banned by mistake , i spent my money for this game , and , i have not used hacker , and the vac go to me and ban-me? wtf? pls help-me as fast as possible. Thanks

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

let me just summarize the next 20 posts

“you cheated”
“nuh uh”
someone finds your profile on game hacks website or a youtube vid
you don’t post here again


Link to your steam community page.

If it wasn’t for cheating, maybe it was for your punctuation, spelling, and grammar?

These threads used to be hilarious. Kind of annoying now…

these agian xD?!

Why I!! Are you from Newcastle, pet? :smiley:

Now first of all this obviously does not prove his guilt or innocence and second, I’m way too lazy to make pictures and shit but here:

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=LLgPv6SA5h8Hlp5rc75btFww - The activity section of the youtube channel belonging to “Hevertton alex da luz”. There are many Hevertton so I doubt it is him. He has liked a few videos on hacking, one of which is a video for hacks in Rust, he also has uploaded some videos of him hacking in Warz.

Junior detective signing off.

u spent mani on game yes ?u hak yes = ban?, ban = no hak yes? = deserved

are people really so stupid that they think by saying " i didn’t hack the game, the people who are smart enough to build an empire on games like goat simulator made a mistake and banned me!" is going to get them unbanned? If so, i don’t wanna live on this planet anymore.

Are you that surprised?

I guess i really shouldn’t be, but part of me wants to be suprised, and wants to hope that maybe people will realize that the one in one million chance your banned " by mistake" isn’t going to happen, and can at least be a little more creative.

these people are never going to learn though in the end

i think that freighens me the most, that there are still people out there, who actually think these things.

this is why god invented anti-depressants and alcohol

because of op

look at what you are doing OP

don’t you realize the horror of this?

and genocide… was that to much? anyway is tc even around anymore? or is it time for train spam?

VAC is scanning for “suspecious” open programs, whenever you open a game that is VAC-secured.
This means, that you can have cheatengine and other cheater stuff on your desk, but you can’t open it, because then VAC will see it as a possible threath and ban you - believe it or not, but many people do that.

A friend of mine, whom I were playing with, were VAC-banned for having cheat-engine running in the background, even tho he had used it for his GTA or somewhat like that.

VAC doesnt scan for open programs, it scans for modifications to DLL files and the game executable

Almost the same thing

Not really, a game DLL is run by the game instead of outside of it.