Why I can't play online

Every time I want to play multiplayer it takes too long to load and after downloading the lua files and shit (that takes 10 minutes to load) I jump back to the main menu and a little box says that I’m kicked out of the server. It says:

disconnect: kicked by console : “mismatch: effects/ balloon_pc/init.lua”.

I have downloaded the map already
do you guys know what is wrong

ps. my English sucks, I know

Delete the file it’s saying is bad. Or just delete the LUA folder. If all else fails start over with Vanilla gmod.

Wrong section, but delete dismemberment mod and your cache folder.

I agree with both of the above, the server might have scriptenforcer enabled and that might cause some issues. Of course it’s only causing problems for you since you probably have clientside lua that is not on their list.

But as I delete the cache folder or lua folder, can I play the game

Look for effects/ balloon_pc/init.lua
in your gmod folder and delete it, that should help

BTW wrong section, if you need help post a thread in the help & support section


The standard lua files will be recreated when you start up GMOD the next time.

I have deleted that stuff and now the downloading is good but at the end while downloading the last file the circle around the gmod logo stops spinning and the downloading stops, do I need deleting more files.


Nd after a couple of minutes I jump back to the main menu and the little box says I’m timed out, what does that mean

Try waiting for a few moments, if that doesn’t solve it; try moving a few addons.

  1. Go to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons and move all of the useless addon-folders that you have (keep the ones that you really need) to a new folder on your desktop.
  2. Start up gmod and see if it loads any faster, if you are still experiencing the same problem; move all of your custom addons to the folder on your desktop and try starting gmod up.

Let me know if you still have any problems.

It could be the server your trying to join.

this one works the best, thank you guys i can play good online now

Don’t install any uneeded addons. Ever.

I’m glad I could help :slight_smile: Enjoy!