Why I don't roleplay anymore (But want to!)

Greetings to you all. My steam username is Punjon, if anyone would like to go into further depth about what I’m about to say.

I remember, a long time ago, having great fun roleplaying. Why did I have so much fun, why was I so eager? Obviously there weren’t complex scripts, that much I know. What made roleplaying so enjoyable, for me, was that there was no reliance on scripts. Players were content with roleplaying, inventing their characters, stories, etc. There were no skills to be leveled, no arbitrary code that had to be relied on. If a player was a criminal and was arrested, they weren’t made immobile through artificial means, they CHOSE to actively take part in the act of being arrested because they were in-character. It seems to me, though, that as scripts became more and more a part of roleplaying, the actual RP was removed. No longers did players rely on themselves to play out their characters, they became more interested in leveling up their skills (unless I’m mistaken, much akin to WoW).

Now, let me note, I roleplayed exclusively on the Melonbrew servers. For the first months I played, it was great. The administrators actively roleplayed with the members, being fair and impartial in their decisions (as far as I know). After those few months passed, though, a new script came along (Catscript), and with it, a new playing style. No longer was the roleplaying done as a large group, the administrators began to play exclusively amongst themselves and their friends. A “secret” corporation was born, existing solely of the administrators, and any attempt to contact this “secret” corporation was met with what I deem as stonewalling. Day by day, the playerbase seemed to dwindle, with members becoming disillusioned. Eventually, I would hop on the server and there would be 5-8 players on, over half of them admins - playing together and ignoring regular members.

It was great while it lasted, to be able to log onto a server and see players with names such as “Brian Mendellsohn”, “Jimmy Gabriel”, and such, knowing that everyone was working cooperatively to weave a story between their characters. Now, when I carouse the server list, I see players with names such as david109, noobpwner, etc, and I don’t even bother trying the server. After all, why should I put in the time to roleplay when it seems noone else is interested?

PS this is your chance to whore out your servers to me. as long as they don’t have any of these problems. I’ll gladly dedicate a little time to playing on your server :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just browsed a thread, and that reminds me of how much the “NLR” was useful. It ensured that roleplay was able to be carried out effectively, and it was very effective in ensuring you didn’t do something stupid (IE a shooting spree). After all, when you have been playing a character for 3 or 4 weeks, you didn’t want to have your character killed off. That is, until you decided your character was becoming boring.

Being completely honest, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.
All the RP servers I visit have full first and last names, lack consistent DMing, barely any prop-mingery, and it’s generally quite serious.
The way I see it, most scripts help immerse the players, making it FEEL more enjoyable. You’re right, it doesn’t help the RP at all, but it feels better for the players who are actually roleplaying. Things like weather mod, and items are the sorts of things I’m talking about.
And, I’d just like to point out, when you view who’s in a server without joining, it shows their Steam Friends name, it doesn’t display their IC name any more. Maybe you should try giving some servers a chance.
I’ve been in a serious RP community for just over a year now, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the RP.
People need to stop complaining about the lack of RP, and start searching for a nice little community to settle down in and help in.

I agree with the majority of what the OP is saying. Most scripts used are incredibly restrictive and infact “force” roleplay, eg. Hungermod amongst others. A common term would be “script over roleplay.” I’m not going to whore out any servers to you, all the various servers I play on will be whored out in time anyway. I’m a nomad like that.

Actually it’s not the player’s fault or the script’s fault, it’s the admin’s fault.

They make a server, it’s their responsibility to make it work.

Why the hell do you think Digital Soul was not filled with minges on gmod9 and gmod10 as well? (same with TnB since it basically started with everyone who came from DS). Because they have severe rules, while some people think it’s too severe, it works.

12 year old angry rejected admins are the best to minge, you kill them, they’ll noclip there as fast as they can (even tho by then I’ll be far away) and instead of thinking, they ban the first one they see near the area he died.

I actually like darkrp servers, they always make me laugh.

i think darkrp is fun because it lets everyone express the characters they want to be and have a quick fun game of which they can easily play for a hour then put down and know the same is waiting next time they boot up gmod for round 2

this is of course if the job is not full >.>

Agreed. I used to play on melonbrew/meteornet untill I got banned. For clientside LUA scripts that could have easily been combated with script enforcer. Oh well.

DarkRP fails so much is because everyone gets the idea that it’s the same everywhere, just a DM fest. The chatbox becomes filled OOC/IC gibberish, its horrible.

PERP’s intentions are good, but have some serious issues. I hardly know a person who wants to “grind” for a car. That’s pretty much the purpose of the gamemode. When they got hacked, a post in the tread said something along these lines:

It’s sad.

But the saddest thing, is that there are no more really good roleplay servers after this. End of the road. It’s time to see a new script and a new server.

I agree Gmodrp was good while it had active servers then they just shut down… Tnb is to strict DarkRP is just Bleh Perp is Full of abuseive admins IMO… If only thier was a melonbrew of Gmod10

Your all too pessimistic, there are plenty of good RP servers an communities out there. You really can’t judge a server just by popping in for a thirty minute RP anymore. You have to stay, build up a story, visit the forums, and after about a week you’ll know if you want to stay or not. In my opinion RP has done nothing but get better, the players have just gotten lazier. You should check out Radiation Gaming, I joined it through the add here on FP and I couldn’t be happier. They have an excellent storyline and it gets developed every day, and the best part is I didn’t even have to be anyone special do be a part of a time line event. Its a fun place.