Why i get banned

i update the game enter to a server and it say eac banned i leave that server and i go to other and i didnt say nothing u can tell me why i was banned in that server?

steam id : http://steamcommunity.com/id/MoNssT3R/

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Contact these guys here http://www.easyanticheat.net/
No one can really do anything here for you unless by chance a rep from EAC see’s this and posts

Either you used a cheat or someone you share your Steam account with did. That’s the only way you get an EAC ban.

its weird because it keeps Banning me in one server , the oficcials ones i can play normaly.

this is conflicting information. if you can play on official you are either A) not EAC banned or B) EAC banned, but they are not an actual Official server. could be a list bug, but the few that have occurred have been more wide spread than one player.

as above, email EAC, or wait for EAC or a Dev to check your id.

I was banned for EAC on a private server for no appearant reason, the server admins removed the ban, which was caused by steam fps overlay… EAC is aware of this, or you should contact EAC.

76561198044355560 was banned for the use of a paid cheat.

Come on, we all know that it isn’t true by now, stop playing dumb…
It obviously shows that something is wrong by the significant amount of people wondering why they get banned on the forums the last couple of days.

This many people can’t be dumb enough to post why they get banned even though they know the “cheated”.

One of my buddies got randomly banned from EAC too, he though contacted EAC and got unbanned.

And keep in mind that I’m not pointing out that NO ONE if these guy cheats, I’m just saying that SOME of them arn’t cheating.

Yeah, there might be still errors in the system, but how many people have you seen that actually admit that they cheated? No, they play dumb and try to get unbanned with topics like this one.
If you are innocent and got banned, contact them and don’t post in a forum that does not belong to EAC. Luckily, an EAC staff member is looking in here, but for me thats is just kindness, not necessary.

thanks SMa:)

The fact that this was posted:

And people still went on to say how this could actually be a false positive is absolute crap.
And then this guy posts this:

Like as if any of the recent topics were actually false positives… If any of the “Why was I banned???” actually even were found to be false…
Come on guys please actually read what’s happening…

And yes Zezztah people are that stupid, and consider the fact that the people that actually come here to complain a small fraction of those who actually gets banned.