Why i have this lag in GMOD?

Hello. Im spanish, sorry for my english. Today when I was playing on my server, it has been me a somewhat strange lag, which can be displayed here

You can help me to be? I have an i7, 8GB ram and 660, 50 meg connection and this did not happen before, I connected with 5 ping and not up there, being the host. How is it possible for me to go as lagueado?

Fixed Youtube link remove the S in HTTP.

I’m assuming you’re hosting a Local Server and you’re connecting to it locally or is it hosted by someone else?

It might be an addon causing the lag spikes
Net_graph 5 in Console and taking screenshots as it spikes would give better details but as far as I can see and make an assumption it’s an addon.

List of addons would help as well.

Look: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hscpuq3n0qb7a1v/AADq3qeLCG8_P6S28qCtc6Jha

How is this possible? Some addon? My server? My internet?

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I have a very long list of addons, I never had problems, but I think that was, to put the file “spanish.lua” translation, but I do not think that is the problem. I made another server without plugins, and still gives me the problem. I think it’s GMOD settings. I’ll try to reinstall it.