Why I lost appetite to play Rust "properly"

I have 431 hrs on record playing Rust. It’s been fun, I like this game. I like how it’s developing and new features are being added. All is nice and happy and pink.

But the game in my opinion is broken, and I discovered that there is no incentive whatsoever to play this game properly.

And before anyone says “play on communi…” and this sh*t, please continue reading because you don’t understand anything.

I’ve been playing on FP Singapore server most of the time, since several wipes.

Things were looking fine when I started playing few months ago. I hated the official servers at first. It was taking me hours and hours to setup a basic shelter. I learned many things and then moved to modded servers, but only to know that modded servers are basically similar to official servers. i.e. You build fast, but then get raided fast. It’s the same, or even worse if you consider the teleportation plugin for clans against solo players.

Eventually I went back to the official servers, and I learned to adapt and follow new play styles. It was fine. On certain occasions, my base would last for a couple of days without being raided.

I was trying to make friends and I successfully did. I joined a group of players and formed a clan. We were having fun & didn’t focus on building armored bases or any of the fancy stuff.

At that time, we would encounter a player or two who were hacking. They would mainly be using aimbots and speedhacks.

Later, around a month ago, no clippers invaded Rust. I got raided by a group of players, and one of them was a no clipper. All the time that was invested in building my base was wasted and things started to look ugly.

I lost the appetite to build a base again. Few days later I decided to give the game another shot, but again no clippers were still there and I lost the battle against them.

I thought that I should go to community servers. They are like vanilla, but with admins.

But it’s a pain in the but to start hunting barrels from scratch! And if the server admins are not active, then I have to move to another server AGAIN and also start playing from scratch.

I gave up. I don’t think admins make a big difference in a server. I learned that if you get raided by a hacker, there is no point to contact an admin and wait for him to investigate … it’s boring. Admins are not 24/7 online as well. Also admin tools are so limited in community servers. I don’t believe in admins. Anyway keep reading to know why.

A glance of hope emerged when FP finally decided to apply server checks on no-clippers. I went back to official servers, hoping that the game is no more f**ked.

I built a base after the last server wipe. It had ladder protection, but it was open from the top. I spent few hours building it and didn’t have time to continue building. The second day my 2 large boxes were empty. Base wasn’t damaged. A flyhacker for sure. The patch didn’t affect them.

That’s when I decided to up. My time was being wasted on playing the game “properly”. But then something came up.

I discovered by chance that people are actually still able to go inside rocks. So I said “f*ck this game”, I’m going inside a rock. That’s how I become safe from hackers. It worked!

I wasn’t afraid anymore from flyhackers. Game started to look good but I was wrong.

A clan of 3 members on the server were using aimbots and killing people on spot. That was their main goal of the game. They build an armored base and spend their time killing naked people.

At first they appeared like normal asses. You can’t force a player to play in a certain way. But there was something suspicious behind there fake bravery. They were playing like a person who has nothing to lose. Their speed in building their base was also suspicious. I got fed up of them. I successfully killed one of them with an arrow in his head, but later I was being killed by them in one shot.

Aimbot confirmed but I can’t tell if they are hackers.

Living inside a rock was no more fun. Sure I’m safe -somehow- from fly/speed hackers, but people with aimbots aren’t better.

At first I started trolling them. I had no goal other than running into them with Jihadi music and making fun of them. They stopped shooting me.

I wasn’t playing Rust anymore. I was just having fun trolling them and enjoying my boxes inside the rock.

There weren’t many players building bases in that area. Many players were living inside rocks.

I reported the clan for using aimbots. Their base got wiped one day, and the second day they had another huge base in the same area.

Two weeks later, they were still playing the game. They kept changing bases after magically losing their current ones and their main goal was to kill people on spot.

I reported them again for using aimbots.

A week later, players were no longer able to go inside rocks, but whoever had a sleeping bag can still spawn inside. No big difference (until the next wipe at least)

I got fed up. There is no incentive whatsoever to play. The game seemed broken to me. I was fed up of the aimbot clan as well. A satanic idea came to my mind and I decided to teach them a lesson. I will not leave them until they leave the server.

Suddenly I woke up and found myself a flyhacker with aimbot and all that shitty stuff. Hacking is ridiculously cheap and easy. All you need is a russian vpn, buy a cheap copy of Rust from russian steam, and of course don’t use your main steam account. You also need to pay for the hack as well.

I went back to the server and looked for the clan. I found them and that’s when fun started. Whenever I see any of them, instant killing. They can’t hide from me. I jump on the top of their base and troll them. It was hell and they started crying in the chat.

Later I raided their base from the roof. It was all open in the middle. I found ridiculous numbers of resources in their chests, which all went on the ground. Later I knew about the duplication glitch.

The second day, they built another armored base and they were still using aimbots, but I gave them a reason to stay home.

Third day, I raided their base again. Didn’t find much loot. Next day their base was gone and new one was built! Duplicate glitch was patched.

A new hack was introduced which allows hackers to steal boxes from behind walls (within a certain distance!)

I logged in the other day and emptied all their boxes. They didn’t know what was going on.

Game was not fun anymore to them, and to me, seeing myself hack for few days and not being caught, gave me a feeling that the game is not playable. I can in one hour ruin the game for many players. What’s the purpose of complaining after that? You have to move on. But then again hackers will ruin the game for you. So the game currently is about building, losing your stuff for hackers, and moving on. It’s a time wasting experience.

Will I be playing with my main account again? No. Not until I see a patch that puts an end to hackers. I’m not talking about **banning **hackers. I’m talking about people not being able to hack.

Yesterday I joined the server and found out that one of the clan members was banned. Good, after a month or so!

I also found another hacker. I see his name tag from far away and I saw him jumping high. I got a feeling that many players were hacking. I can tell from the way they talk in the chat. LOL. Anyway, that hacker shot me. I approached innocently to troll him, and then he revived me after saying “sorry” in the chat. What a nice guy :slight_smile: I reported him. I left him alone because I don’t want eyes to be open on me and I’m sure that there are many other players like him on the server.

Ok after this long post, all I want to say is that I genuinely feel that Rust is not playable at the moment. It’s not fun. Banning hackers after ruining the game for many people is not a solution. Community servers are just a shitty as official ones. Anyone can hack and destroy the gameplay for many people in just 1 hour, and what can the admin do? Ban the hacker? Another one will come!

Modded servers on the other hand are the only ones which limit the way hackers play, but again I don’t trust plugins completely. There is always a way to bypass these plugins. Aimbots are difficult to detect. Looting from behind walls is fresh and I don’t think that plugins are currently checking on that.

I can play a counter strike game with a hacker and waste 15 minutes of my time. But on Rust, a hacker can waste 10s of hours for many players in just 1 hour. It’s mass destruction.

I like Rust, and this was my story and the things I learned over few months. I can’t play it properly anymore and hacking is boring when there’s no one left (of the bad guys) to troll.


Try Rustopia |EU/UK| (they have a US server too). They are a vanilla community sever with an almost constant admin presence, the admin don’t play on the server they admin (so no admin abuse) and ensure everyone plays fair. I moved from London 1 after the mass hacker influx a couple of months ago and never looked back. I’ve never once encountered a hacker on Rustopia. Very occasionally the chat mentions one and the admins are on it in a shot

Do not support paid hack sites with your money.

I play on rustopia and my boxes got looted through the walls yesterday.

It’s so nice to have players supporting hacking even more because they are rekt by hackers…

1380 hours in the game, and my experience with hackers is limited to only two instances, both way back in Legacy on official servers with no moderation. In the new Rust, I have not seen a single hacker so far with +500 hours in there. Some suspicious stuff maybe, but all possible in the current state of the game.

Also, I’m currently playing on a community server with day-time population being above 150 players. My base has been up for four days, with rare raid attempts, and those few attempts also failing. I don’t see a reason why people complain being raided all the time, of course tiny bases are dominated by even individuals but large bases are only one day of farming away. Think how you’d raid your own base, and use that as a plan how to make your base secure. Having an open roof, even with ladder protection, is an invite for everyone to build a twig tower defying laws of physics just to take advantage of that one weakness. Cheap and effective, and fast to destroy evidence of its existence. Easy to counter it too, just finish your god damn roof and use doors.

Edit: If hackers can loot your chests through only one wall, use this knowledge to improve your base. It’s quite common sense, if you keep doing the same mistake, either because raiders knowing where to go to, or hackers being able to exploit the game, it’s kind of your own fault for doing that mistake again.

I’m not saying hackers aren’t a problem in Rust currently, but so far the hackers seem to be just a slight nuisance compared to what they used to do and what large groups can do to you.

Sorry to hear. I was on last night and there was talk of a hacker on. Kulan has requested all suspect hacking to be reported on the steam page I believe, try that if you haven’t already

Aouniat, that is truly pathetic of you. So instead of just sucking it up and moving to a community server that watches for hackers, you paid money to the root of all evil to try and battle some script kiddies? I hope your main account gets banned too because that’s just extremely lame of you to do.

This is a good point. How long do we want the game to go on with Hackers having free reign on the server. EAC is not preventing people from hacking - it seems to only ban some hackers many days or weeks after they start hacking.

They probably twig towered in. Never leave a roof open

I’ve never used paid hacks, and I don’t know how VAC works, but having the hacks on the same machine should flag it up, surely. If I was going to do so, I’d use a different machine, or at the very least dual boot two versions of windows (I assume all the hacks are just for windows) and keep one clean and one dirty.

If he hasn’t taken these precautions, there is a good chance he could get banned when the next VAC wave hits.

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I lost appetite to play Rust as well, because it’s been broken for 3 weeks and I can’t play it.

It doesn’t matter how or what I did. I’m also not writing this to discuss whether paying for hacks is a good thing or not.

I’m talking about the game. I seriously can’t trust the game and build a base again. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on a time wasting experience.

Didn’t I say that community servers are as useless as official ones in terms of hack protection?

It’s not about servers, it’s about the game. It’s not well protected. And by the way, community servers are much worse than modded ones! If you don’t have any clue on anything then please stop repeating words like a blind man.

Good luck waiting for the admin to investigate the crime. He’s not going to find anything because he doesn’t have the tools to figure out what happened.

No one knows about this and players are not supposed to keep up with the news about the latest hacks! And you’re telling me that solo players should build a 5x5 base to be protected? How practical is this?

^ This is Alpha, players are expected to track everything. We are the testers!

Aouniat if you really think community servers are so easy to get through, then you clearly haven’t played any of the good ones. I’ve played semi regularly for months on nothing but community servers, and I haven’t had one instance where I could say with 100% certainty that I got hacked. Hell I can’t even recall a time when it was even remotely suspicious. But way to support the fuckers that are trying to ruin the game instead of just taking a break for a while to play one of thousands of other games available.

Sounds like you need to go to specsavers.

You know nothing Zipper Bear.

I can prove you wrong if you give me the name of the server and the approximate location of your base. Describe your base to me or a put a special sign on one of the walls. It’s a challenge.

The fuckers are not ruining anything. It’s just that the game is too easy to be hacked.

I’ve only seen hackers on the official servers.

The local server i play on hasn’t had hackers in months,the admin is usually instantly on when someone mentions hacks (luckily people call others cheaters sparingly)

I’m also getting bored with the game but it comes down to repetitiveness.I do get raided but i employ so many tricks that raiders rarely get most of my loot.