Why I love, hate, love RUST....

Been playing for about 2 weeks and havent gotten far. Best I have are leather boots, cloth helmet, pants and vest.
Just found blueprints for Kevlar pants and 9mm pistol…
I run around with a hatchet or pickaxe…No big deal. Its still fun trying to build myself up.
Ive died many times and lost many items that a noob needs to get started and get going.
I’ve learned to build a shelter out of the way. Get loot and bring it back to the shelter so I dont loose it. I’ve learned to be more cautious now. Hunt at the right times and in the right places. Trust nobody. If I get KOS, its my fault…

So today I was out and about trying to build myself up and finally get somewhere in this game. I spotted 2 players off in the distance and heard some gunshots. I sat back and watched. Didnt move, didnt want to draw attention to myself.
I saw them make a dash straight for my position so I was on the move. Afterall, I couldnt afford to lose my leather boots, medkits, hatchet, research kit and some canned goods. If I did, I’d have to start all over again.
I ran and got up high went to the top of a rock formation and scouted out the area hatchet in hand.
I scanned the ground below and listened for gunshots or footsteps. Nothing. They were gone. I lost 'em. They could have been friendly but who knows. I dont go up to people anymore when I have something on me I dont want to lose.
Bam! They found me. Guess I was too high up and made myself a target.
Shots fired! They are not friendly. Screw them, they are not going to get my stuff. I jump from the cliff and ‘crack’, I am bleeding. 1 med kit. Stop the bleeding and run!
Shot fired again. Hit! Down to 30 health and bleeding again.
Running. Scum suckers. Gonna kill me and take my stuff. I was just standing there. Oh well…
Med kit. Stop the bleeding. … No more med kits. Its over. Just run and get as far away as possible and maybe you will lose them.
Shot fired! Miss!
Shot fired! HIT! NO med kits. bleeding, low on health…Doomed…Run…Serpentine…In and out of trees and rock formations…
Health going down…Keep running…
I have nothing on me to heal me or stop the bleeding and the only way I know to regain health is to build a fire but I dont think that will stop this bleeding…
I run behind a building and I see a storage box. I stop and open it right away not knowing how far the 2 bandits are from me and I’m just waiting to either bleed out or get another bullet in my back and its over. I start to unload all my stuff into this random storage box…Armor, hatchet, research kit, ammo I just found, etc…
Now I sit, crouched behind this building naked, bleeding and just looking straight ahead. Not wanting to move or make a sound.
I check my inventory. No wood, cant make a fire. Cant stop this bleeding. Ok, where am I? I’ll die on my own and come back to this storage box and get my stuff. They may find my body but the wont look in that box.
Bleeding stops! 2 health left. Now what?
There is a tree about 100 yards right in fron of me. I can go chop some wood real quick, come back and make a fire and heal up. BUT…Where are these guys? NO WAY I am letting them kill me now. I got away.
I wait.
A few minutes go by and i am still crouched and listening for people. Nothing.
I make a dash for the tree. Chop, chop, chop…Head right back to my hiding spot, craft a camp fire and heal up.
I go back to the box and get all my stuff and I am back in business and geared up. Full health and no blood.
No to make my way back to my base and put some of this stuff in storage.
There they are on the road. I crouch and watch. They are just KOS everyone that comes by. Oh well, its not me.
I skulk back slowly and make my way back to my home. Slowly all the while watching them till they are out of sight.
Home free and safe.
Say what you want, but for 20.00, RUST is a pretty cool experience!