Why I love RUST

Ok even having served in the military in a war as frontline and even after working in emergency services front line RUST still manages to scare the crap out of me and induce adrenaline wobble to the point of being addictive.

The amount of oh sh%t moments I have gone through recently its straight out of a horror book.

I want to thank the online community , the nerds , the psychos the care bears and the downright deranged for making this game what it is.

Take for instance last night ran into a rad town and there is a crazy neighbour in the full kit who guards that area like a rabid pit-bull , I got in then realised I was cornered in the two story concrete building , do I stay getting rad or make a break for it? I sat there eating chicken hoping for the guy to go and he didn’t check the one corner I was camped with a pipe shotgun at head level hoping to not use it. Needless to say I got out then position got given away by two zombies and a bear but at least I was gone.

My first night on RUST , met three chaps built a house left a hole in the roof , met a borderline phsycho called BRAT who was screaming let me in like Johnny off the shining , huddled together we all fell to the boomstick our first lesson in fitting a roof.

and the tense shootouts wondering if they are bleeding out or healing up , god damn love hugging trees in this game.

Sorry for the bore just wanted to say great game