Why I Think That DayZ is Better Than Rust

Before people get butt hurt, know that I do like rust and want them to continue to make the game better.

Ever notice that everyone is KOS on rust for the most part? Or if they arn’t they are someone who doesn’t have friends looking to “group”? Or if they arn’t they just don’t really have the means to kill you? That’s because there is no incentive, at all, for them to keep you alive.

A lot of the people who KOS on DayZ are usually inexperienced or stupid players. Because Smart Veteran players know that the real skill and pay off is in the “Hold-up”. Shooting people in DayZ breaks their things. Damage to location ruins items. Also Gear space is very limited, so you can’t always take everything that the person you’re trying to rob has.

In contrast, Rust, has lots of resource gathering, and no reason to kill everyone you can because, hell, even his body can make weapons, food, and resources. Nothing is ever damaged (Although, sometime things bug out) And the internet is full of jerks. Rust current game play gave the internet jerks license to Grief to their hearts content. No diminished returns, very few consequences outside of being afraid of the ‘bigger fish’, and huge gains; just pure lolz.

I can’t say I don’t KOS everything I see (When I can) because there is zero reason not to. And I consider myself a fair and practical person. Don’t want KOS-griefers? Need new incentives not to murder everything you see.

Just one Greifer’s Suggestion.

I agree. I know the durability system was originally put in to help mitigate this kind of thing but there was pushback when 2-3 clips would completely destroy an assault rifle. But they do need something to help stop the KoS’ing that we see everywhere. Even in ARK it isn’t a problem because people feel there isn’t enough reward vs the risk. I wouldn’t mind seeing hardcore Rust servers where if you die, you lose everything and start over, I played those in ARK and they were badass because the people who played them weren’t carebare at all and everything you did was calculated.

If you dont want to get killed go play a PvE server.

I do agree with this a lot. Gear needs to take a lot of damage in combat. This way not only will you want to avoid getting shot, enemy will want to avoid shooting you too much if they want your gear. Though the biggest problem in Rust is abundance of said gear. So what if I kill some goon and his chest plate breaks, I got 50 more in my boxes. There is no incentive not to kill. If you kill someone, you survive and might get loot. If you spare them, you might die, there is no positive.

Gear damage or not, people are still going to shoot you because they have a gun and it’s fun.

I think they are aware of this.

Before, the most prevalent problem to me was the excess and how easy it was to get end-tier guns. They addressed that with the new HQ metal system. It does feel a lot better.

I think they’ve stated countless times that they want Wooden armor to function as a good armor set- that also falls off after a couple hits instead of it’s passive damage block now.

And even if Rust does remain as a very harsh environment that’s okay. Goodness and good actions in Rust is much more significant because of the harsh nature of the game. That’s kind of cool.

I had to check all of your posts to make sure you weren’t just a troll bot that spouted: “you don’t like it? you can 'git out! Hur hur hur”.

On a serious note. If I wanted to play on a PVE server I would already be on a PVE server. It’s hubris to think that I didn’t already know that or couldn’t figure that out on my own. Also the post was for the developers, and anyone who had legitimate feed back on the subject that they wanted to argue about. Your comment was neither, it was aimed at me which in this context doesn’t even make sense as I don’t care about fighting other players or griefing. Hell, I love it. And with so much at stake it’s quite a rush. It’s just sad watching people kill eachother over rocks and trying to harvest each others animal fat.

The game is in Alpha, I figured that feedback was welcome to the development staff. I’m here to point out that game play would improve if there was less incentive to just murder the hell out of each other. I mean, Why collect resources when I can just kill the 'tards who do and take their’s? It’s hilarious, they get pissed off and they knew the risks?

you’re welcome to change your name to GaryCries now.

That’s not really the case though. Whether you wanna KOS or try and talk is a choice one has to make, and KOS is usually the safer route to go. It’s not necessarily about getting their loot, but preserving your life.

People still would KOS in Rust too, if marginally less.

I don’t really see the point being made in OP.

It’s basically kill someone VS handcuff them, take their stuff and leave them or kill them after? Not much of a distinction there aside from the extra risk you need to take on to get their gear undamaged, and even then it’s just a game so a lot of people will decide to try and take you with them before they let you cuff them.

I have played A LOT of DayZ, and I have to say most of the time it was the same as Rust; either KOS or shuffle by each other and carry on.

The biggest thing people whine about is people full geared killing freshspawns/hobos; You get the exact same thing all the time in DayZ as well even if for different reasons. Kill a naked person in Rust? They might have a few thousand stone, cloth, hemp, etc, all necessary resources even at higher level. See someone with no gear in DayZ? Target practice. Choices when you get full of gear on DayZ are continue looting, go to the coast and kill fresh spawns, or find other geared players to kill, since actual base building is non existent.

Not to mention in Rust you can have basic weapons that still do a lot of damage (Bow, thrown spear) with in minutes of starting, and your attacker will generally be visible to you rather than being shot at from a few pixels in a bush 500m away. Our group has managed to take down multiple people with guns using spears and bows, although its very rare that this would happen, at least you have a fighting chance at the start.

Ohh yes, we need more chopping nodes/trees/barrels and less shooting/fighting, cause chopping trees 4 hours per day is so exciting and fun.

The exact same applies to DayZ, but for the former part of the post from my experience most people just shoot each other in DayZ anyway.

If you have pretty top notch gear then the chances are the guy isn’t gonna have much better than you and with the carry limits it doesn’t really matter if their clothing/etc gets damaged since it isn’t like you would be looting them anyway.

If you have a rifle and an enemy has extremely good gear, you want to kill them as fast as possible and again it doesn’t really matter because you are still going to get a lot of very good gear even if a few bits suffer damage.

I would argue that this whole thing is apples and bananas. Deaths mean something in DayZ because of scarcity of resources and coastal respawns Dying in Rust isn’t a big deal because sleeping bags and abundance of resources. If anything whoever is attacking has the most to lose because it is actually possible to die to someone with basic weapons and they will gain a whole lot more than you from killing them.

I still agree with armor/clothes condition and locational damage being added, but I completely disagree that adding it would affect KOSing in any way, because again in Rust if you have sleeping bag, **death only affects your gear which means once you reach the point where your gear is going to be taken, there is no reason to not just charge the enemy head on, **and even people starting out with a tiny house can easily have enough resources to craft the basic tools/weapons they need.

Not sure Garry would be in favor of any other system like karma/banditry because it’d probably be too inorganic for his liking.

Also this.

yeah you are talking about the shitalone, actual dayz is good and vertern players will just rek your shit before you squat down