Why in the @#$% are welds so weak in gmod?

I really dont know why Garry made the welds so weak in the game. For example, today i was building this awesome tank and it had over 100+ props on it, so i decided to smart weld it. Turns out even 1000+ welds on a tank will not stop it from creating a massive black hole… I mean if Garry made welds stronger, then there would be amazing creations, not just a 2 or 3 prop invention. I really think there should be a Gmod update to increase the strength of welds, besides these flimsy little baby welds that decide to spaz out and create hours of wasted time and creativity. Just please… I beg of you… MAKE THE F$%&ING WELDS STRONGER!!! Please?

Now may i ask you the ultimate question that may alter the gigoplex atom structure and super atomic atom beam therum?

Should welds be stronger, or stay the same?

Nocolide it?

Smart weld no-collides automaticly.

I don’t want my welds to roundhouse-kick me though :confused:

Parent/polyweld. Welds are inherently weak, use parenting or polywelding.

Get Weight Tool, weld props to a base with a massive weight.

Why the noobish poll?

… I dont think you’re the one to say that…


If i could ask, could you explain this more, like what parenting is, and what polywelding is?


Did it.

Smart constraint.

Works fine for me.

He didn’t ‘make’ them weak. He is bound to the source code like we are to physics. It is like saying “why didn’t scientists make a perpetual motion machine”.

Parent props like the guy said above.

I’d pick Betty White over strong welds any day of the week.

Heres a better idea. set the strength to fucking zero. that way it will stay in place.

You sure do hate welds

Learn to use proper tools.

Easy Precision ftw.

Why did you censor yourself?

Also fuck dicks.

Oh so those options you vote for aren’t noobish?
Give me a break…

Problems of the past - TODAY!

Wields are fine, your brain, however - is not.