Why is all my stuff gone?

I logged on to my server I have nothing on me and I am not in my house where I logged off. SO I suicided and respawned back at camp and all my wood crates are gone along with all my inventory. The metal doors are intact and there is no sign of breakin anywhere. So did someone hack to get into my house kill me and take all my stuff?

It happened to me today too… but in my case I had my inventory I woke where I logged off but ALL my stuff and structures were gone…

Yeah even my large wood storage boxes were gone, I had research kits in there and a lot of nice stuff. I think someone hacked me.

Server wipes, nothing you can do about it

His base was still there, that would of been wiped too if the server was wiped.

yeah base doors walls and ceiling still intact.

i could be the server is having a hard time saving the world ( could be a bug )

Next time try repairing everything in your house and check that the doors are still yours, the aoe from the c4 may have damaged something. If there is damage, someone could’ve blown up a wall, looted everything and then replaced the wall on their way out, it’s a strategy used by some raiders to keep “farming” you.

To repair something put wood in a hotkey and spam it against the objects, metal fragments for metal doors.