why is every one driving cars?

what my title say.

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Garry’s daughter is messing around again

Aight. Hop they not! Gonna add it to the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Y not :o?

That would ruin the survival aspect of the game :µ

ye and make it rly boring :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean these cars?
Thats me, Phish, and in the picture SxGLeth

I also hope these kind of cars won’t be added to the game properly. I think a buggy kinda thing would be pretty awesome though. You would just need to find the parts for it.

Dirtbikes. Nuff said.

I hope some sort of vehicle that matches the world will be added =)

I would rather have them working on core mechanics then on cars noone really needs in this game.

I agree with Van, however something in the future would be nice. Especially if the map is going to be huge.

nuff said :slight_smile:

no one really needs to get over huge distances it is a sedentary lifestyle based game.
you make a house and protect it.
you go raid to close ones.
and that’s it.

Fair enough, I just like to cover a fair amount of terrain before I settle so I’m “safe” haha. But as I mentioned before, I would like the core of the game to be built upon before seeing any kind of transport.

Lol lazy play model :smiley:

How did everyone get these cars?

Who knows, Not for sure duping XD

Well, we are talking 'bout survival mate, you have to be like a rat :smiley: