Why is facepunch treating bans so backwards?

So I started playing rust about 2 years ago and one of the people I played with was caught cheating, I didn’t know he was cheating. I told him to hone up to his mistakes and he wrote a ticket in for apologizing for cheating he didn’t ask for his account to be un banned but asked if he purchased another account could he continue to play. he was 12, They said no, even if he doesn’t cheat he can’t play, well haven’t heard from him since… and he cheated so he did deserve to get banned. But what the hell is this bullshit that when some one creates a second account and actively cheats, with the same name(not just steam name) but it had his REAL name on his profile with his location, same friends same EVERYTHING when I report it face punch just says use f7? God damn I did a full investigation sent you screen shots of Before he made the profile private hell you can even see it on the way way back machine…

12 year old makes a mistake can’t ever play again but someone who cheats, gets banned and continues to cheats can just play fine?

Get pissy with me face punch but this is why your game is filled with cheaters.

The game is full of cheaters because facepunch bans cheaters?

Did he download and use cheats by “mistake”? It is all clearly written in the EULA, had he read that, he would’ve known cheating is not allowed and the consequences, which are he won’t be able to play on official servers, it’s not like he will never be able to play the game again, the ban will transfer to any new account he makes so cheaters can’t avoid bans, which is how the other cheater will end up, report them with the in-game report tool and after a while he will get banned too.

Woosh, I’m not bitching about the 12 year old being banned I’m bitching that people that still cheat without consequences…
Its not just official servers. its also community servers… Please exit this post because you missed it.

The reason I brought up the story about the 12 year old getting banned is to show how facepunch reacts to caught cheaters when confronted but what actually happens is they are lazy and don’t do their due diligence to actually enforce their rules.
Just say f7 report… Doesn’t actually handle reports of cheaters still playing on other accounts…

If you don’t want cheaters you should’ve played on an official server, they’re pretty good at banning people for cheating there, or so I’ve heard, this is my source

Go back to making shitty models?

Just learn from your mistakes and make sure to record them next time. Take a look at these forums, people here have gotten banned for standing next to a cheater. Only explanation is you got outplayed.
As for community servers, bring it up to their owner because they are not protected.

Please review both accounts they are the same person and they were banned for cheating please pay attention you dolt

Have you tried reporting them with f7?

I did f7 report them, because they were clearly esping, I then started investigating on my own to find they had a banned account, and before the older (banned) profile was put private I took screenshots and they do infact have the same real name and everything. Same location, and same steam name.
I confirmed the ban was in Rust because it was written in comments and his buddy Astreaus also said he was banned on rust but told me to trust him his buddy isn’t cheating.

Pay them a visit then, settle this like a man.

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