Why is Garrys Mod on Linux better than Gmod on Mac?

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to ask… Why is Gmod better on Linux than it is on Mac?
On Mac all the fonts are fucked up and the performance is no where near as good as it is on Lnux.
Any ideas? Just curious…

Because Linux is awesome. What distro are you using though?

Because macs are dead to all real pc gamers

lol, are you seriously going to see someone as lesser because of their OS?

Ubuntu. Ubuntu always shows the fonts beautifully and it performs about a million times better. To be honest, If I had the hard drive space, id tripple boot and use Linux for all my Gmod dev.
Its not like im using a weak card either, im using a 650m so the performance should be good on OSX.

OSX Is not all that bad. Its much better at memory management I have found. Plus also you get a Unix terminal kind of an environment which is pretty powerful. (better than nothing)

Linux (Version of Gmod) is painfully buggy though. I installed Ubuntu for my brother and he has a shitton of issues with Gmod on there.

it may be better on linux because the engine, source, has been ported over to linux and is actually running faster on there than on windows. source: http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/faster-zombies/
This is all in preparation for steam os and steam machines. That being said though, Gmod for linux has a bunch of bugs

Waaaaat? How long ago was this? I played for 4 hours on it and didn’t find an issue

Hmm might just be my brother’s rig, but he’s got some various issues like clicking a button too quickly after launch crashing the game, certain font acting funky, but nothing too crazy though. I’ll have to ask him later.

Actually thats funny because the Mac version does that for me and the Linux version works about a million times better. Actually, I dont think I have had the Linux version crash yet.

L-l-l-l-l-Linux is fucking epic.

Fucking Awesomium crashing me

Back in the early days of GMOD13 (For windows anyway), Awesomium crashed like, 900 times a second.


but if its a mac yes

Once you go Mac, you should kill yourself.

Am I right?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!??!?!?!

jk. But Mac? No.

Hey Ubuntu enjoy your physics, oh wait.

I had a Mac once but I remember just using boot camp on windows and never using the Mac side. Linux is good I have my ssd partitioned on Linux and my hdd on windows. The only thing that would throw off casual users is that Linux has multiple versions and some arnt user friendly. Linux on gmod is very unstable for me. The only thing that I do anything gmod related on Linux is running a server.


Macs are good at what they’re advertised for.

Sleekness, easy UI/UX, high resolution screens (although in reality this can be applicable to any platform), designers, businesses, casual use.

I’d get a Macbook if it wasn’t a financial burden for me.

Just buy a normal laptop and install mac os on it. if that is too much of a hassle, install macbuntu, a version of ubuntu that looks like mac.