Why is GMODS potential being limited?

I have always sorta pondered about this. Gmod is like one of the few games where you literally can let your own imagination take the form of a game. Anything you basically want at the tips of your fingers yet we stick with the same stuff everyday. I sorta feel like we should have a unlimited amounts of game-modes with different styles and types. Yet I see nothing more then people trying to get rich easily off of others gamemodes.

I sorta feel like the end of gmod is near, but not in the sense of the game shutting down. I am talking about support for it in the sense of gamemodes and developers. I know we have people supporting gmod and the sales are increasing everyday, but think bout it; Is this really what Gmod should be? Limited to merely darkrp and ttt when we could have a bunch of new gamemodes flooding the scene.

If it’s so limited then make your own gamemodes, it’s not that easy.

I have made gamemodes. I coded codmod and gidol. I am just saying that I feel we should have way more gamemodes then just the common same old same old.

codmod? sounds dumb.

Your description, and reasoning, of the hindering of creativity is right on par with what I believe. Unfortunately, people these days are more focused on gaining some sort of monetary value, or, becoming the next best GMod community… since people can buy things, everyone with money has the ability to get nice addons - leading to a severe lack of customization throughout servers & communities. I was not part of the GMod scene pre 13, so I can’t vouch for how things used to be. However, I feel that people should spend more time actually trying to learn Lua, and attempt to be a great coder, then, contribute to their communities via their own content, rather than taking what others have made, tweaking it, and calling it custom. Unlike you, I don’t think GMod is “dying” in a sense; I just think that we are moving into a new era of the gaming where people don’t host to have fun, or, host to let others have fun, but they host to make money, or to “become popular” or for power. This also comes along with the very young age of the GMod community, where a majority are children, who really don’t know better.

Well I didn’t mean a sense of dying like that, you actually just described exactly what I was talking about. Man I suck at descriptions.

then make your own gamemodes

Also, consider this: The first commercial release of Garry’s Mod debuted in 2006. TTT and Prop Hunt were released in 2010, four years later. They didn’t become so popular until just last year.

These two gamemodes eclipsing most others in popularity means practically nothing.

When gmod10 first launched it was a pool of development potential. Hundreds upon hundreds of great gamemodes were created, and a lot of ground was broken in regards to what could be done using LUA in tandem with Source (addons, sweps, etc). Now, it seems that mostly everything has already been done. Now, it’s really up to someone with a good idea and the development potential to give the gmod community something great again. It always has been.

I haven’t paid any attention to gmod for the last several years, so I’m not sure what exactly is coming out of the addons subforum anymore. All I know is, back in the day, lots of cool stuff was happening. Which would usually end up breaking because of an update, but either way, stuff was still being made and it was very exciting.

Also, your sentiment of people being out for nothing but monetary value or notoreity really doesn’t mean anything either. What’s the difference between a gamemode made for that or just made for fun? Not much, provided they’re both fun/interesting.

What you, and many other people here really need to understand is, just because you see Garry’s Mod from a certain perspective or want it to be a certain way, doesn’t mean everyone else does. There is nothing you can do about it, and you have to deal with it. I do not mean it in an aggressive manner what so ever when I say this, mind you.

The problem here is that Facepunch users and average Gmod players are two completely different demographics and the former can be quite stubborn, while the latter is oblivious. Facepunch users stress for things that are unique and clearly have had time spent working on them, because as coders themselves, they can appreciate it. The average gmod player however likes things that are familiar to them, hence why that fucking garbage Minecraft map is so popular, as well as stuff that is simple to get into. They don’t give a shit if it’s from Coderhire or unique, as long as it’s fun and easy to use, it’s a thumbs up from them.

When you create a gamemode, you can’t really say ‘Okay, this is what I want, I want something complex and in-depth’, instead you have to say ‘Alright, the average player has fuck all attention span and isn’t going to read any instructions I write no matter how fucking obvious and in-sight they are, what do I do now?’.

As disheartening it is to say this, I can’t blame the gmod scene for dying out. To have your gamemode take off; it’s basically either pure chance, it’s related to something that already exists (i. The Purge) or Youtubers see it (i.e Murder)). The former is discouraging as it means you can put a ton of effort in and whether it takes off is out of your control, the second kills anything that’s unique and the latter, while a guaranteed method to get your gamemode popular, essentially attracts the userbase of whoever made the video. For the most part, it’s arrogant and entitled children who scream out memes and think the entire gamemode revolves around them and them alone.

While I’d honestly wager I could write a whole fucking essay on Gmod and the community, I don’t really feel as if I can provide a solution. Facepunchers always say wanting unique things, but when someone posts a gamemode in Addons and Releases, how many of you actually go play it? I feel as if not enough do and many of the people in this forum complain about things they make no effort to change. Although at this point, I can’t really blame them because how do you change this state?

True but I don’t think we should really just give up or anything. I also do understand what your talking about. My codmod server took off the second it started up because players knew what cod was, but everyone on facepunch rated it dumb.The GIdol server I coded didn’t even get a player base yet I had a bunch of facepunchers saying it was a great idea.

Now before I state this idea I want to say that I am not blaming the current state of gamemodes on developers.

It would be cool if instead of just the gamemode and the name we could have ways of listing more options. How something looks can heavily determine whether or not a player will try it.

If we had it where it showed the logo, a picture of the gamemode, and a description written by the developer, it might help interest players into trying new gamemodes.

No, I totally agree, we shouldn’t give up at all. I personally think people should always be trying something new with lua and learning is extremely important and it’s great to see people on FP making things.

It’d be really unfair to blame developers, honestly, especially when you take into consideration the lack of feedback a lot of them get in return

One sort of solution would be to provide more information on the Wiki as a lot of pages are still blank. I think new coders would really appreciate it, if there were more coherent resources.

I would haved agreed with OP a year ago. But recently things are looking up and I reckon there’s a lot of revitalized potential for Garry’s Mod. I’d hold your breathe before you say it’s dying.

Give it another year then we can see where we’ve gone from here.

The saddest thing about this is GMod 13 is great. It’s far more functional (as a whole) than any previous version and sure as shit runs better, but that progress came too late in the life of the game. With the exception of a very few people – all the masterful modders and mappers set sail to other games or avenues of life. GMod of 2007-2009 (maybe 2010) was amazing, at least compared to what it is now. The best maps came out during that time along with the majority of the best mods (most of which do not work anymore; can’t fault Garry for progress but god damn did it kill the game for me). It slowed off into drizzles of masterful content shortly thereafter. Nowadays there’s a handful of people that code to the same level as many of the old groups, and even less mappers that are worth a shit.

Truth is the golden age of GMod is over, has been for years and you’d have to be delusional (or too new to the game) to think otherwise. I can only be glad I managed to be part of it while it lasted. Still got the great memories at least.

Well, I use Garry’s Mod for art, and as a 3D modeller, and a little bit of a mapper, limits don’t exist. I could understand why it would appear that way to others, though. Garry’s Mod was made for creativity, and, being as popular as it is, we all knew there was to come a time when someone would start preaching the next best thing about it, and people just going along with it. I think that truly creative people are outnumbered by those who just mess around with it, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I mean, there is no true definition of art, and, art could be something as simple as building a car and destroying it, or making Gordon Freeman have intimidate moments with the G-Man. It’s sad that those using Garry’s Mod for more serious things aren’t really noticed, but, when you think about it, everything in Garry’s Mod is art in one way or another. The textures, the models, the posing.

It’s impossible for something like that not to be artistically relevant. Basically, what I’m trying to to say is that, though not mainstream, Garry’s Mod is whatever you want it to be.

And for the majority of players, it’s a sandbox game that contains two gamemodes and a bunch of SWEPs/player model packs.

And a third mode called “sandbox” where no one has an idea on how to play it, which is why the majority of people there just try to get the highest prop- or ropecount in the lowest amount of time.

Garry’s Mod is alive and well, its just that people are not willing to invest time into creating new content that’ll inevitably flop. It’s sorta why I am not fixing up DustyCrops right now :v:

I just though about a possible way to maybe promote new and interesting gamemodes with some fort of feature system in the server list. Each month there could be a contest but instead of money like previous gamemode contests it could be a month of feature for your gamemode.

Let’s blame the super crap server browser.

The problem I think is creativity, there is probably allot I can make, aswell as others, but I have no fucking idea, plus, minimum motives, I have 4 assignments due tomorrow, I have 3 due next week and 2 due the week after. I wish I had creativity, I would make so much shit, but school is a pain in the ass and I have no ideas, if you are suggesting that GMod is being limited with shit ideas, please care to share?