Why is gwen is ugly in-game?

Why does gwen skins always look ugly when in-game? >.>


GWEN In-game:

As you see, the close button is messed up and all the buttons and textboxes are cut-off

Is there anyway to fix that or is GWEN just retarded?

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Only one person rated me dumb? wow, what’s up with that?

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Oh, NVM xD

how can a script be retarded

how come you look so retarded


Because garry spent 6 months on it

Implying that I said GWEN was a script?

GWEN is what gmod uses to paint derma panels.

And you do know it looks exactly the same in both images? Are you suffering from some kind of visual disorder? :confused:

DarkRP panels weren’t designed to use GWEN

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Look at the close button in the corner, look at the text boxes, they are cutting off on the left side, the buttons are cutting off on the top and etc, it’s like if Gmod GWEN just resizes the panel way too large and it ends up looking like shit, maybe 512x512 textures aren’t big enough >.>

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Any DERMA panel looks like that for me, even with the default derma skin.

Is your PC turned on?

what a shitty thread.

gwen skins are applied to gmod differently then in the unit test, if you’re making a custom skin use the gmod skin as a template rather then a default gwen one.