why is IDM wont download from gmod.org?

why is my IDM wont download from garrysmod.org?


What Web Browser are you using?


please help me i need to download something soooo bad

Umm click download rather then pasting the URL in IDM. I know this sounds like a stupid fix but you’d be surprised how many people haven’t thought of that.

i already do that… but it wont work

but some files on garrysmod.org works with IDM

run garrysmod.org in the IDM queue-r or w/e its called (tester, organizer, w/e) and that should fix your problems. basicly your IDM is not set to read and recognize specific downloads from garrysmod.org and because IDM has the ability to download anything and everything from a site, it often will read the wrong thing to download (such as downloading the page instead of the file)

ummm where is that?

where is this querer thing in IDM?