Why is it called rust?

This is a serious question. I mean why is it called rust? Is there going to be some sort of rusting mechanic that will be implemented into the game???

Good god.

I’ve never thought of this until now… I’m quite curious to see the answer to this too.

If it has something to do with Garry its probably the achievement you can get in Garry’s Mod by typing ‘Rusty Bullet Holes’
Though I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about that, just a guess.

Rust is like a decaying metal, which parallels the decay of civilisation with all these people just surviving by the skin of their teeth, that’s about all I can think of

Cuz’ Garry doesn’t have an imagination.

Rusty water is when you have diarrhoea and liquid shit
so it represents this game perfectly

keep publicity low during development cuz i search rust and it comes up with loads of brown metal …

Maybe during later development decay is going to be an important part of the game.

Wow, very cleaver question!

considering how simple the answer will be, its a pretty useless question, actually.

Just like how real life rust slowly kills metal, Rust is slowly killing this forum.

It’s called Rust because the game is the exact opposite of polished. :v:

Because why the fuck not.
Not everything has to have a name like “Minecraft” :v:

shows in what state the game is
and in what state it will indefinitely stay har

also the quality of the playerbase

it’s because the game is so old it’s rusty now.

It’s like how these shitty threads are the rust on an otherwise polished forum.

Because Facepunch was a type of metal, until garry left it out into the open for people to join so it started to Rust.

Garry shine light upon us we need an answer!

The achivement is no longer “Rusty Bullet Holes” It’s bloxwich or bloxswich not sure…