Why is it called RUST

Out of curiosity… Where did the name ‘RUST’ come from and why is the game called RUST?

  1. June 2012

That’s too bad, “Corrosion: Cash For Kills” would have been so catchy.

Meh it would’ve sounded like a Saul Goodman commercial

I was being facetious. “Rust” was clearly the right choice.

why rust? because if you play it to much you will start to get rusty - corroded… aka no more real life

The name is actually so perfect. The feeling of the game is so much stronger than the name, whenever I think “Nothing actually rusts in the game of Rust” I remember that it’s the player Rusting away even more quickly than the junk they all struggle to hang on to.

thx Garry.
Corrosion of the nerves, I guess.

I love the name, and I also LOVE this music video that tonybuttface made of Rust, using the Imagine Dragon’s song “Radioactive”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvrONsnKXpE

The lyrics and music just fit the game so perfectly:

I’m waking up,
To ash and dust,
I wipe my brow,
And I sweat my rust,
I’m breathing in … the chemicals

I’m breaking in,
Shaping up,
Then checking out,
On the prison bus,
This is it … the apocalypse

I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones,
Enough to make my systems blow,
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
I’m radioactive, radioactive.

… everytime I hear that song now I see Rust in my head. :rock:

Video sums up the experience for most people too haha.

RUST, best game ive played in years… even when its just an alpha

Rust gave me tRust issues.