Why is it here?

Master Chief is surprised that a covenant capital ship is on a old forerunner waste land.

C&C Please.

I’d say it’s rather bad.

The posing on Master Chief is unnatural, who would hold their sniper rifle (?) like that?

What’s a shipwreck, dumpster and a drawer doing out in the desert?

Based holding of sniper rifle of draw anim. You pull it out and swing it into your arms.

I would love to see how anyone can swing a 30lb gun like that.

The posing is messed up.

Play Halo 3 then you will see.

^Because hal0n3 is teh best gaem evar amirite guise?

What? Shut up.

Well, the suit helps with that part. :v:.

But I agree with most of the posts above, but I do like the concept. Just could have used some better angles and prop management.

Bad camera angle and pose.

Well, the suit and the bio injections.

Eh… The angle is really bad, and so are the poses. Looks kind of half-assed, if you ask me.