Why is it so hard to create a listen server and have people join.

“Server is not responding”

anyone who attempts to join my server is smacked in the face by that evil message. i port forwarded all the ports that were listed at portforward.com. i tried console commands… EVERYTHING.

can someone help me out please )=

You only need to port 27015 UDP not tcp, and you need to goto whatsmyip.org to get your IP and tell your friends to add it to their favorites.

So many people tell me a different number for the open port. so, i must ask, or you sure?

Please tell me the IP you gave them wasn’t

I host my own, I’m sure.

You don’t want a bunch of different ports open, only the necessary ones to let people on, 27015 UDP is the only one you need.

Trojans and shit can get at you if you leave them open. And there’s really no need to keep more than one open for this, so close the rest ^^.