Why is it so hard to get an update on where the hell Seattle 2 is?

I just bought this game 10 days ago, I already have 170+ hours on the game, all of which was in seattle 2 and I, like others who play in that server are finding out how pathetic Facepunch is with communication, someway somehow it must be too much to ask to just update us on where the hell the server is that we have slaved our lives away for this stupid game and is it coming back or no

I honestly can say that the crap were dealing with in game should be expected as its still alpha, but I expect more out the ACTUAL PEOPLE who run facepunch to be just a little bit more professional, not all of us are 12 and don’t expect to be treated as such.

Now where the hells the server at?

The FacePunch team are extremely busy, they don’t have time to read through every single post that’s ever been posted, and with that attitude I’m not surprised they haven’t replied to you.

The official FacePunch servers are for TESTING purposes. By playing in an official server you are not in anyway guaranteed a stable gameplay experience. Servers go down for a while, some servers don’t come back, some servers wipe early due to problems, shit happens.

If you want a far more stable rust experience find a good community server with a good admin staff.
There’s plenty of them out there, off the top of my head the best ones I can think of are rustralasia, rustafied (official ranking but not run by FacePunch), and rustopia.

Since you’re an American, I would suggest Rustafied or Rustopia as they both have servers located in the US.

Not all of us are 12… yet you post like a 12 year old.

If you expect professionalism, try acting professional.

you get mad bro cause your 12?

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I don’t need a facepunch suck up bringing his 2 cents to the table

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where is seatle 2

Facepunch isn’t going to announce every time their server goes down, deal with it. They’ve already stated as much, and you as an alpha tester should EXPECT this kind of thing to happen. If the server isn’t on the list, then there’s a problem with the server. Question, ANSWERED.