Why is it so that not a single "survival" game out there can make it fuck**' right ?

I don’t know if some of you guys played the game STALKER, but amongst all the survival games I had to play, STALKER was probably the one giving the deepest atmosphere in regard to surviving in the environment (especially with Atmosfear graphics enhancement mod)

Sure, the game drops you tons of guns and ammo, but that’s not where its magic resides. It’s in that moment, where you are crawling under the rain, in these swamps, surrounded by radioactive garbage, and suddently you see that flash, the skies turns red, and when you turn around, you see this giant atomic mushroom defacing the sky. You then have 30 seconds to reach a safe spot, or die of the radioactive blast hurling towards you…

And if you survive this, you will still have to endure the acid rains, magnetic storms, and dangerous enemies that you do not want to angry at all.

STALKER gives you that feeling that you have to survive in a dire and unforgiving environment.

I don’t know what is your opinion, but the STALKER dev team had it all right there.

What kind of survival game would not focus on building basic layers of survival?

Each of those gameplay layers build an additional threat on a player:

The first layer is the dynamic condition of the weather (rain, fog, cold, wind…)
The second layer is the dynamic condition of the day (sun, moon, eclipses, magnetic fields, fictive stellar objects…)
The third layer can be the dynamic conditions of the map itself (events occurring on the structures of the map, like a twister destroying a house, a tree falling down, a crack opening on the ground)
The fourth layer is the dynamic condition of the player status variables (health, hunger, thirst, stamina, etc.)
The fifth layer is the threat of natural beings (wildlife)
The final environmental layer is advanced AI enemies, the main threat as per the story designed for the game (zombies, dinosaurs, boomers, whatever)

On top of that you had crafting, skills, buildings and resources scarcity to spice your recipe to make it deliciously AAA.

With all these layers properly integrated, you can definitively have a challenging survival experience.

I am sad to admit it, but in regard of all the levels of gameplay that can be developed in the survival gaming genre, Rust is only at 10% of being an attractive survival experience.

Why is it so that not a single “survival” game out there can make it f**kin’ right ?

Is it so hard?


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it is so hard

“Why is it so that not a single “survival” game out there can make it fuck**’ right ?”

Why did you censor the “ING”?

I am also wondering now :-/

lol I didnt even notice that :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to point out, as of right now Rust is only 10% complete and maybe even less than that. At this point in its development I would say they could change anything they wanted to without feeling bad about losing any of its content. So I really wouldn’t judge how much Rust lacks. Wait until they are further down in development, then I will stand next to you with a flamethrower.

For me… stalker was an all round crappily designed game.

I am sad to admit it, but in regard of all the levels of gameplay that can be developed in the survival gaming genre, Rust is only at 10% of being an attractive survival experience.

what a coincidence, rust devs said they are only 10% finished the game.

So I guess you are just about right on that.

Why is there not a single game exactly the way you want it? Because you haven’t made your own game. Go pick up some books.

It’s probably quite difficult to get the balance right between making everything so difficult to do and keeping players interested.

You make something, you break something… Pretty sure that happens alot…

They want to make 1000 things within a week if they could, but no one can…

If you make something it could be bugging something else in the world.

Like weather elements is a super hard, specially in multiplayer since it can take alot of CPU and stuff.
So it has to be done good, and that takes long… Probably a few months.

FacePunch doesn’t have a big team, so… either way wait for it or simply play another game.

We all want more stuff, everyone does… pretty surr the developers want the same. It’s just so annoying ^^

funny how i read that 10% argument 2 months ago and it’s still 10% guess that’s because your info wasnt updated.
also how would you know its @ 10% unless you know where the game is going?
Honestly i don’t even think garry knows exactly where to go with this…

There are some questions that must not be asked… If you see people all dressed in black following you everywhere you now know why.

Well then he should ambush them and get their Kevlar. Duh.

Hey OP I have a great idea. You should burn all of your belongings irl, quit your job(if you have one), and give away all of your money. Have a truck driver pick you up and drop you in the middle of nowhere. Talk about a great survival experience! And if you really want to increase the difficulty settings you can force yourself to avoid any human contact whatsoever.

If it’s not so hard, please make the perfect survival game. We all want it, and it’s easy for you, so why not deliver? Deliver it to us. GIVE US THE PERFECT GAME NOW!!!

It’s so simple yet you’re not making it. What’s wrong? Do you hate the idea of being a filthy rich millionaire? Make the game already.

Or, if Stalker is so good go play it?

Hey man I guess if you love that much stalker (I do too) you know all about their new project, still in development: survavirium. The team was planning to make stalker online but the company crashed or something so now they have started a new game and they are making it a survival close to stalker but in a post-apocaliptic world, not in the zone. They are raffling off beta-access, register and get lucky.

Well im 99% sure i could make it, but in what time frame is the better question, and how much money would i get for all the scientists, computer engineers and programmers ?

The #1 thing 99% of all games are missing is proper simulation engine both when it comes, physics, AI,
map generation and rendering.

When it comes to good map generation Minecraft still comes closer, but at the same time its is extremely unrealistic when it comes to physics and AI.

With these new times of crossover gaming trying to be everything at once,i would say a better game engine is needed for all games, with a proper game engine, new games would be so much easier and faster to make, only question then is what hardware you would need to run it and how big it would be, worst case scenario only people with good hardware and fast internet connection could play it without serious lag and sync issues.