Why is music allowed to be in the loading screen?

9/10 servers I join I have to suffer through someone’s shitty dubstep playlist because he/she fails to understand that music is highly subjective and not everyone has the same taste.

And then if you alt-tab the game, the music still persists.

I liked the peaceful loading screen with the little files flying across the screen, music free. What is does the Facepunch community think of this feature?

Because you can’t control what is contained in the HTML loading screens. Just mute the awesomium process.

if you don’t unmute it, any media players ingame such as youtube or the many media sources of gmodtower will also be muted

Awesomium sucks so hard, there’s not an easy way to disable the sound other then from the entire process itself using Windows API functions.

Can be done super easily in Coherent UI, which has so many advantages over Awesomium, but everytime I suggest it gets buried, eh. Garry even has a license for it and uses it in Rust soo, licensing isn’t an issue.

It’s allowed because the owners pay for the server, and the scripts they use/made. They have the right to use music, agreed most of it is trash, but nothing to do about it… xc

They don’t pay for it; The wonderful 14 year old admins’ parents do.

I’m just saying that Garry allowing people to customize the loading screen was a retarded decision knowing his playerbase.

the playerbase back then wasn’t as similar as now ya know.

and if you notice sound coming from the loading screen, just fucking leave the server? not every single server on garry’s mod is going to have music coming out of the loading screen, and not every single server is shit.

When you use music it can help create a good atmosphere for first time joiners, meaning the server can be more unique.

Also no offense but I think its quite stupid to try and limit creativity just because you don’t like what music people are putting on the loading screen. I like that we have the ability to do such things even if 9/10 servers I join have dub step music blaring in my ears.

If anything that is a good notification to not join the server. If the owner cared more about how his server looked on first join he would put music on there that is liked by the majority or use a subtle type of music that fits well with loading screens.I know for my server loading screen I have a song that fits extremely well in the style of loading screen music.

And there goes my faith.

Sure music could do it, if everyone had the same taste in music, and it wasn’t force to be listened the entirety of the loading.

the server admin could bombard you with trashy tunes if he wanted to ingame at all times

you should really get over it if the joining menu bothers you; it is just an extension of playing on the server

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you put it best

I modified the Soil template that was posted in Gamemodes and Addons a long time ago. Only a tiny bit, changed the background and music. Is this welcoming enough/quiet enough to not be considered invasive as fuck?

i can’t imagine how the music fits the server theme unless you happen to run a celtic viking server or something

i think most players prefer the silence

It’s more of just a dose of calm music to settle people in. That was the original intent with the music Soil used, as well, since it obviously doesn’t fit with a server theme. :stuck_out_tongue:

my actual problem with music download pages are that they hardly even play

they attempt to start up for two or three seconds and just lock up or the server finishes

this just makes them annoying

because you haven’t downloaded willox’s loading screen override module yet

Link because I’m tired of pony dubstep raping my sanity

99.9% of the time its just ear rape.


They allow music on loading screens simply so I can play “This is halloween” by Manson every October to connecting players.

dub step is not okay
ambient music is okay