Why is my account banned?

My friend gave me his account so that i would have a chance at playing rust and when i tried to play it said something like your connection is banned refresh your browser to reconnect but everytime i refresh i still get this message , is the account banned and if so why because i’ve not even played it once yet and would love to play

Share account isn’t autorised.

Second ban concerning shared accounts in a single day. Either this is a coincidence or there is indeed
and account sharing prevention system in place. Or both used hacks. Whatever.

Tough luck, pooman1. Don’t do account sharing. It’s not generally acceptable in any online game.
Better hope your friend doesn’t give you an asswhooping for getting his account banned.
Or hope you only got IP banned.

And by the way, you might want to remove that email from your post.

It isn’t authorized,but i didn’t see any text saying it’s bannable.As for the actual answer to the OP,it might have been a bug,your friend might have cheated etc.There is currently no solution to it,unless one of the devs lifts it I believe.

Unless you had been using it already prior to it getting blocked, has it occurred to you(and pretty much everyone having this problem as of recently) that the whole reason your friend gave you their info is because they knew they were blocked?

There has been other posts about having their accounts banned and the same story is “Shared an account”. So, through the number of posts about this topic, it would seem that sharing an account is frowned upon. That’s most likely your banned issue if sharing an account was included.

Either that or the original owners of the accounts in question did something banworthy and the
new users are just suffering from the ban hitting them. Or that in this posters case, was banned
to begin with.

Sorry, agreed! That is a good reason too. That the account you receieved, did or was included, in something ban worthy. I just was quick to jump to the “shared account” thought since that seems to be an almost certain ban reason.