Why is my server game sandbox instead of RP?

i want it to be rp but it shows up as sandbox???

The console command is:

changegamemode (map) (the name of the folder in your \garrysmod\gamemodes)

You need to define the default gamemode on the command line.

Not required.

The easy way is either what HighdefGE said, or by adding “sv_defaultgamemode yourgamemodenamehere” (without the quotes) in game.cfg/server.cfg in the cfg directory.

it still comes up with sandbox and when i type in changegamemode darkrp is says its and undefined map or couldnt be found?

Then download a map of your choice, and extract it to your \orangebox\garrysmod\maps\ folder of your server. Launch the server, and do the command again.

commandline is over ridding it

Autoexec.cfg, and before the map command if there is one.