Why is my startup screen using the title screen from No More Room in Hell?

Ever since the July 2nd update, my startup screen is the screen from No More Room in Hell, it will even have the Facepunch Studios logo on top of it while it’s loading. My startup screen is below.
Does anyone know why it looks like this and is there a way I can fix it?

Undo whatever you did to get the content of that game into GMod.

I have the NMRiH content in my addon folder. Would you happen to know where I can find the background so I can remove it? I’m not sure if it’s a .vtf or if it’s just an image file. Also, why is it replacing the startup screen now? Before the update it looked normal.

Edit: I also have content from other source mods in my addon folder, so will those do the same thing too?

Fixed it! It was located in NMRiH\materials\console and it also somehow found its way into the main materials folder. The startup screen’s back to normal now.