Why is RAM needed for Garry's Mod?

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Ok, so how is RAM needed for Garry’s Mod, or games in general?
On system properties it says, 2.62 GB of RAM, but on a program i use it says…
Type : DDR2
Channel # : Dual
Size : 4 GBytes

System properties says 2.62 GB, CPUID CPU-Z (Program) says 4 GBytes

Every game needs RAM.

RAM is needed to store and access memory. If your computer doesn’t have enough, and a game/program requires more, it won’t have anywhere to store the memory it needs. According to the Steam PC System Requirements, the minimum RAM needed for GMod is 512MB, and it is recommended that you have 1GB.

all computers need ram

modern atleast

Then i have enough RAM, Then why does it crash when i join a server with downloads?

P.S This happens on MineCraft when starting up new world

Can you post your full specs?

What do you mean by that?

Like your motherboard, processor, graphics card, etc.

Name : Intel Core 2 Extreme X68000
Code name : Conroe
Technology : 65 nm
Specification : Intel® Core™ CPU X6800 @ 2.93GHz
Core Speed : 3415.89 MHz

Manufacturer : ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Model : P5W DH Deluxe Rev 1.xx

Brand : American Megatrends Inc.
Version : 2801
Date : 7/10/2009

Type : DDR2
Channel # : Dual
Size : 4 GBytes

Are you runnng a 32 bit version of windows?


Update your graphics card driver, that fixed my minecraft issue way back when. If that doesn’t work make sure java is correct installed and buying more ram is cheap and easy to install. 32bit windows can only have up to 4gb of ram while 64-bit can have 64gb of ram (maybe more not sure)

My graphics card is updated and i reinstalled java again, still doesn’t work

If you had read the previous posts/last thread, he stated he’s downloading custom content from a server and he’s crashing because he is out of memory. Graphics card drivers aren’t related to this issue.

Also, what? Java isn’t a requirement for Garry’s Mod.

He’s referring to his Minecraft issue when he’s talking about Java.

That’s what I figured too, but he’s written it stating that boardindaddy should update / install / reinstall Java, which would have absolutely no effect in this problem.

The real solution to this: Install a 64 bit OS. You cannot use the total 4 gigabytes of memory because of the fact you are running a 32 bit OS.

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Garry should really update the requirements. I can’t play for over an hour or two on my alt PC (vanilla Windows 7 install) without running out of memory (2 sticks of 1GB, and two 256MBs, so 2.5GB)

I never ran out of memory and I play on a 2GB brick, must be paging file :wink:

Try allocating more swap memory. Just temporary though, to see if the amount of RAM is too low. Google it :slight_smile:

How can you tell if you ran out of memory or not? GMod on average uses up to 1GB of RAM, btw.

I never had a problem running GMod on an old ass PC with 1.5GB of RAM. Except for low FPS maybe.

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He’s not on Linux.

Lower the quality usually make it use less RAM.
Also, RAM will only make the loading screen faster and give a better perfomance.