why is so damn expensive to rust

I’m to damn poor to pay like 100 f… dollars.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the sticky" - postal))

You don’t have to buy it now. It will be cheaper after the actual steam release

Is it not a paradox in gaming industry? I mean, every single other early access is twice cheaper than final product, rust being other way around. Dat marketing.

Op, try to catch a moment when game slides to 40/30 $. Might take weeks, or a month though.

The last keys is usually sold around 40$, i dont know why you are talking about 100$ for?

add me on skype notsogrudd@live.co.uk i cud sellu my account that i dont use anymore

Just buy it at the right time. I got my key for $34.72. When the ticker was at 15 keys left, I bought it.