Why Is The DDoser Doing this?

So This guy is from France? right? So why is he doing this? anyone have answers i would like to know. thanks!

wants server files now now now, can’t have them, has to be a bitch.

They want better linux support and to be able to host their own servers without a middleman.

But i guess, since garry stated that their ddos is contraproductive, its pretty much just screwing with the devs and showing off.

(maybe i am wrong and they see this as a challange, either way its a dickmove)

Hes from france and is french. Not from french… Lol.

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And thats counterproductive not contraproductive ;).


Aww why all the dumb votes, just educating my fellow forum goers heheh :slight_smile:

Well on our server it always seemed to start right after a certain group got offline, every day round the same exact time. Seemed as if a way to avoid being raided while they slept. Because it stopped everyday when they were all getting back on, given their time zone as well it seemed to coincide as well. Now this of course is purely perception, and is subjective, but they are also the only ones on the server that never complained about ddos during the day, or being unable to get on, or losing anything due to ddos.

The problem is not the french anymore its the DDoser Fix that is messing it up in the newest update.

i wasnt meaning the french, i was actually speaking of a large group/clan of koreans [KOR], i just didnt feel the need to be specific. And the server providers mentioned it being a combination of the update and DDOS

For “Teh l0lz”

Were talking about Frenches here, Not Koreans.