Why is the water on gm_construct brown?

This is annoying on the boats so is there a way to fix this without like digging through codes?

poo water?

Most likely you don’t have all the textures needed for the water or you possibly pirated Garry’s Mod (I hope not). You may want to fish through your files with GCF Scape and grab the water texture file and transport it to your materials folder.

not pirated and i reinstalled all games on my steam

Or the graphics card performence of you’res sucks, like mine. But me I also have the counter strike water, neon white. It glows! When you go in the water its fine!


Is this for ALL your water in all maps, or just gm_construct?

Because when the community requested a map, they said they want “water, building places, flat grass, and loads of other shit”…

Garry took this literally.

most maps with the same water

i turned of the vertical offset? is it offset or like V something

K gone throught the folder but how do i install the material?