Why is there a delay in everything i do?

I just bought the game not 30 mins ago and once i finished downloading everything, i got into the no PvP server. For the first like 10 seconds it was fine but then whenever i tried to turn or do anything that wasnt walking in a straight like, there was a like 5 second delay in what i did. for example, when i tried to hit a person on the PvP server with a rock, it would show the animation but it wouldnt do anything. Also when i am just standing there, it showed a guy hitting with a rock ( he was like 25 feet away ) and apparently that hit me and i died. THEN i got attacked by a zombie and it is physically impossible for me to hit the thing… How in the hell do i fix this??

Put your graphics on low, since it’s on a web browser the game doesn’t run smoothly for anyone yet.

You’re on a no pvp server you can’t hurt them.

As i said, “when i tried to hit a person ON THE PVP SERVER with a rock, it would show the animation but it wouldnt do anything”. And i have the graphics as low as they can go. =(. I have really good frame rate but its just a delay,

Full screen helps with the input lag. Input lag has been a on and off issue with unity webplayer, hopefully the next official webplayer release will fix it.

Il give it a go.

Disable filtering in the options and tell me if that helps