Why is there no map "discussion"?

Why are there no threads simply about map discussion?

Stuff like “what do you like in maps?”, “what do you think makes a good mapper?” or “what do you like about mapping/hammer?”.

The mapping community isn’t a massive one, but it’s a good 100-150.

It’s always “how do I make X” or “my X won’t work”, why does no one just talk about maps?

I don’t get it.

If you fancy making one then go for it. Lua and Programming have one each.

because thats boring. this is a map release/request/help thread.

ill make a thread like you asked to show you how it does.



Darn it :mad:

I remember seeing that thread and wondering if I inspired it.

But it’s something to prove me wrong. That’s plain mean.

The Map Pimpage/WIP thread is the closest we’ve got to a discussion thread.

We don’t really need anything else. Threads like what would you like to see in an xxxxxxx map? crop up all the time and die within about 10 posts, because really there isn’t much to be said on the subject.

This isn’t fast threads: map edition, we do all the talking in chat or WIP thread.