Why is there so many hackers?

Hey guys, I play on the Germany 1 (dev) server and even though it’s a dev server there seems to be so many hackers, even more than ever. I was playing with my friends and we were being raided by guys who had full kevlar and like 1000 556 ammo each, another guy had like 200 c4 and another with loads of wood planks to block us off. In the end we killed them but they came again in full kevlar and loads of ammo and again another guy 100 c4. It’s not just the dupers, there’s also guys with aimbot and wallhack who can see what stuff is in your boxes witoust even opening them. A while ago there was a wipe and even though it was only afew days ago, close to where we live there’s a giant metal tower, full height, and if it come into your sight one of the guys in the tower gets a headshot on you (with a p250!) without the building even fully rendered. I hope there is something done about this because frustrating having to move house all the time because of them and reporting on steam has done nothing so far.

because of a total wanker who streamed himself hacking and then advertised the hacks and loads of people bought them