Why is there so much admin abuse?

So i always wondered why i read so much about how admin abuse is rampant in this game. Well the server i was playing on didn’t have admin abuse in the traditional sense. It was a Pve server and they built a giant metal fortress for everyone to hide in and never get raided. It lagged out the whole server and they gave people a bunch of LQM. The next server i went to was with some of my friends clan he played dayz with. Well everything was going well until the admin came and killed all of us because i shot his friend, he then blewup our whole base, spawned in like 3000 airplanes then reset the server.

Well long story short i was frustrated with all the admin abuse so i decided to create my own server. I wanted a server where i could set the settings i wanted and there would be no admin abuse. Also i wouldn’t have to rely on other people to ban the hackers and the troublemakers and i could just do it myself. So things were going well and my server was growing. Me and my friend have obviously been playing on it ALLOT so we have a big metal base with lots of items. Overall the experience has been awesome. Recently though i was looking for some pvp because well, the game gets boring without pvp. So an airdrop happens and me and my friend really need a metal foundation so we run to the airdrop and kill 2 guys in the process. Well they start bitching about how we got there to fast and how we must have teleported to them and spawned our Kevlar armor etc etc… This went on for a while as they continued to yell at us for supposed “Admin Abuse”. Well they left and i figured whatever they can think what they want so we went back to our base, unfortunately without a metal foundation. :frowning:

Time went on for another day or so and we got up to 15 people on at one time. I was excited to see the server growing. So i decided to go see if i could get some pvp fun going on. Well i went and shot some guys in their foot around their base. So we got into a firefight and i won. Of course they knew i was an admin and they starting bitching saying i had god mode and how my server sucked and i didn’t deserve anyone to play on it. I tried to explain that i was just looking for some fun pvp and that i don’t abuse my powers but they just keep whining.

Well how am i supposed to prove that i don’t abuse my admin powers? I cant period. I wonder if people call admin abuse all the time simply because when they get killed by an admin who likes to play the game just like me they can make themselves feel better by blaming it on admin abuse? I mean how am i supposed to deal with this situation. Not play on my own server that i pay for? Let me know what you think, i really want to get other people point of view on this topic.

People are always going to whine whenever they die in Rust, even when you kill them legitimately there is nothing you can do besides feed on there tears.

‘‘omg u killed me u use godmodez111!’’
‘‘omg how do u hav ful kevlar u spawnd it in!!11’’
‘‘omg howd u find me u must ov teleportd to me!!11’’
‘‘admin abuse’’

Apply water to the burned area.

I get accused of it semi often when someone gets killed and just shrug it off. People know me around the server and usually tell the person to STFU.

“admin abuse” will always be said when you get killed b y a admin as your a bad loser this happens on ALL games not just rust ive owned many minecraft servers and i am unable to play as if i do they automatically say im spawning in items or in god mode ect, if you get killed by a admin dont assume just get on with it or move server

ive been called an admin abuser in the server i play on multiple times… im not an admin lol. people are just whiny these days, not much you can do about it.

admin abuse is dependent on your view of it. Is it really abuse if they pay for the server which ENABLES them admin powers, which the server rental companies did not choose to regulate? NOPE. They are clearly playing the game on their server the way they intended for it be. Hate to break it to you and players like you but the admin of those servers dictate those rules. Don’t like them? Go find another server. To sit here and whine about “OMG Server XX/XX/XX’s admin abused his powers” is juvenile and ridiculous. You coming here whining about it shows that you are nothing more than a leach that can not abide by the community server admin’s rules. Get out of here.

There are a few things you can do to stop the whining…

1.) Do not tell anyone that you are an admin…
2.) Change your name immediately for people who already know your an admin…
3.) Make sure you are logged off of Steam friends before any name changes…

If you do the steps above the whining will be limited to about 75% less…

Not sure if you actually read my post, doesnt look like you did. I was trying to understand why people say admin abuse all the time when admin abuse isnt really happening. Admin abuse isnt a good thing for the community and people who do abuse their powers are worsening the rust community and taking players away from otherwise fair servers.

It’s no different to people accusing others of hacking, simply because they got shot. It’s childish and ill considered. You can change your name, but you can’t log off and change it back every time someone needs you to put your admin hat on.

On a related note, I recently shot some dudes with god mode on. I didn’t realise it till I tried to suicide …and didn’t die. So I omg admin abuse’d (tp’d) to them and gave them a bunch of shit.

For any players or people wondering how to detect admin abuse before investing time into a server, ask who the admins are when you join, then find and shoot them ASAP, and talk shit about it. If they don spaz out and go all teleport tim on you, they’re probably fine.

We see this happen all the time on our server. Basically anybody who kills anybody is accused of being an admin or a cheater. If you employ basic strategy or are a good shot, you’re obviously cheating and/or an admin.

Just normal 9-year-old kiddie gamer whining.

It is because people have no sportsmanship

Can’t believe I accidentally gave this a disagree rating shit lol

Ill agree with it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont tell anyone ur the admin…

Here’s a short answer to your question: The majority (certainly not all) of the rust communtiy are immature, prepubescent children, who can’t control themselves. Be it the admins or the players, they simply can’t act/behave in a respectable manner. The fact that commands exist to do these things opens the doors for all kinds of abuse. I’m sure this could be a heated topic for debate, however this is only my opnion and observation.

This is why I generally don’t play on community servers, if and when I play rust.

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Wait why does rust even need admins… Micspam and chat spam? It was fine in the days before the steam release when I played… Having admins would ruin gameplay, there’s nothing for them to do…

as an admin, i have stopped playing and killing people altogether, our roles as an admin should be to manage the server and make it more enjoyable for others. Esp catching hackers and holding events.

no admin abuse over at vonkeiser uk :slight_smile:


no admin abuse here, come and enjoy a stress free server :slight_smile:

The server I play on the admins got accuses of abusing their powers because a random airdrop dropped the packages near their house.

This only happened once the whole time I was on.
People jump the gun to much and call abuse when most of the time it’s not.

^^this. As in any walk in life - to be trusted in position of power you shouldn’t have conflicting interests. Playing the game while having ability to spawn whatever will always raise questions. Sadly it’s either be an admin or a player but not both. I know this sux but same applies in real life…

Yep… I’m always nervous when airdrops happen near my base. I honestly don’t even go for them anymore.

I get accused of teleporting or calling the air drop for myself.

HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? I could spawn myself any item in the game… Whydwould I spawn airdrops for myself?