Why is there still not decent error logging implemented into Garry's Mod?

I’m really sick of having to go through shitty logs every time one of my scripts bugs up a few hours after scripting it, there simply should be a folder just like PHP error_log including every lua error inside it, now there should be some exceptions not making the folder 10GB from all the spam of the same error.

I hope you guys support this.

hook.Add(“LuaError”,“ErrorLog”,function(err) filex.Append(“ErrorLog.txt”,err…"
") end);

I know filex.Append is shit but garry won’t do anything related to error logging.

Where exactly would errorlog.txt be saved to?


Also, Gmod works on a system that is designed for 3rd party content. An Error Logger would be like having a manifest for one freighter when you have +100.