Why is this allowed?

Why are they allowed to have 2 fake servers that redirect you, just to take up more space on the server list? And how is it even possible? I’ve tried packet editing to create “fake players”, which is basically what they’re doing, but it doesn’t work due to Steam validation I guess.

They’re not. Their servers have been blacklisted many times and they just made new ones.

The creator of them promised to remove them due to recent changes in Garry’s Mod, let’s just hope he stands by that claim.

Whats to hold them from breaking that claim? People make up agreements all the time and break them unless theres an entity to make it not worth there time to break the agreement. Its called a PD scenario unless you make it impossible to do so or make it not worth there time then they will continue to break the agreement and you will continue to blacklist there servers.

having the region filtering removed, but next update is apparently going to slightly fix that

The owner has promised to remove the servers when GeoIP displaying was fixed, which Willox did for the next update. If they are not, then they will be hardcode blacklisted, and will not display at all. There is no reason for the redirect servers to even be up since the main one will be displayed every where.

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It’s not fake players, it’s just mirroring the actual SRCDS instance.